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I have a 2000 Eddie and just had the same problem, it ended up that the thermostat was sticking and the radiator had some build up in it. That in turn led to the water pump going down and stated leaking. First thing I would do is check the thermostat and hope that the reason because it's only a $10 fix. If that's not the problem I would flush the radiator and lastly, look at the water pump if the other two didn't work. I just shelled out $891 to have all this replaced.

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2011-09-14 08:44:05
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Q: Your 2000 Ford Explorer continues to run very hot When you accelerate the temp gauges shoots up but idleing is fine What coule be wrong?
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What does it mean when Check gauges light on 2000 Ford Explorer?

It means to check the gauges because at least one of them is out of its normal range.

What is causing fuel and temp gauges on a 2002 Ford Explorer to move rapidly?

Bad ground somewhere

What are gauges in 2002 ford explorer sport?

Oil Pressure Engine Temperature Fuel level Battery voltage

While driving your 05 Nissan Pathfiner will suddenly lose power and go into a rough idle barely idleing at times No power from gas peddle and gauges all go off Sometimes it will suddenly gain power?

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What does check gauges mean 1999 ford explorer sport?

Either your engine temperature is too high , your oil pressure is too low , or your gas gauge is at or near empty

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Why the check gauges goes on and off on a 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe?

Check the gauges. One or more of the gauges must be out of normal range to trip the "check gauges" light.

What does it mean when check gauges light comes on?

The check gauges light means that one of the gauges is out of the safe range.

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What causes the 'Check gauges' light to come on in a Ford Explorer?

* Check gage Illuminates when the engine coolant temperature is high, the engine oilpressure is low or the fuel gauge is at or near empty.

Why when the battery on our 2002 Explorer was down the Car starts now but the gauges speedometer Tachometer fuel temp do not register at all?

it coulld have a blown fuse wich operates the instrument cluster

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