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Some Mexicans are white because either one of there parents are white or someone related (elder) than them is.

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Q: Why are some Mexicans white?
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Why are Mexicans considered to be a white race?

Some Mexicans are considered white and some are Native American and some are even mixed with White and Native American which I think it's called Mestizos.

Do KKK hate Mexicans?

In general the KKK hate black Mexicans, some KKK members are okay with white Mexicans. So overall the KKK do hate Mexicans.

What do Mexicans wear on the day of Mexicans of Independence?

they where red grenn and white

Do white women find Mexicans attractive?

Some of them do. Judge by yourself at the related links section.

Are Mexicans white or black?

Both and neither at the same time:Mexican is a nationality, just like American, Canadian or British. Now, most Mexicans are of a race known as mestizo, which is a mix of white and Amerindian people. There are also 10 million white Mexicans, which compose some 9% of the total Mexican population. Finally, there are some 2 million black Mexicans, known as Afro-Mexicans (Afromexicanos) who account for almost 2% of the Mexican population.

Why do Mexicans hate white people?

Mexicans do not hate white people! However, due to Mexico's problematic history with the US (i.e. the Mexican-US War in which Mexicans lost half their territory to the US) and other foreign invasions in the nineteenth century (i.e. France, Spain), Mexicans tend to be suspicious and guarded about "white people" and their intentions in their country.

Are Mexicans white?

That's races and it doesn't really matter but some are some aren't (I'm Mexican that's a rude question)

Why are Mexicans hairy?

Genetics. Most Mexicans have a 50/50 of genes from Native Americans and White Europeans.

Who does NFL suspend more white or black?


How did the Mexicans in California help the white settlers?

i dont no

Why are Mexicans so trashy?

Why generalize a whole race as trashy. Some mexicans are and some aren’t just like the rest of the fvkin world???

Are mexicans gay?

Some are some are not.

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