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Dr. Alfred Blalock and Vivian Thomas.

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Q: Who was the first open heart surgeon?
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Who performs open heart surgery?

a open heart surgeon

What do you call a open heart surgeon?

A Cardiothoracic Surgeon

How did Daniel hale Williams make a change to the world?

By being the first open heart surgeon .

Who was the first African American heart surgeon?

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams was the first African American heart surgeon.

What is a cardio vascular surgeon?

A cardiovascular surgeon is someone who works on hearts doing things like open heart surgery A cardiovascular surgeon is someone who works on hearts doing things like open heart surgery

Dr Daniel hale Williams is credited with what?

he was a surgeon. he was the first man to do a sucessful open heart surgery. and he was ''colored'' (black)

How much does a heart surgeon get when they perfrom open heart surgery?

they get a patient that lives a longer life.

What did Daniel hale Williams do?

Daniel Hale Williams was an African American surgeon who was the first to successfully complete open-heart surgery.

What it means to be a opne heart surgoen?

there's nothing like a open heart surgeon as a speciality.But cardiosurgeons are the doctors who perform the open heart surgery.It's a kind of surgery in which the cardio surgeon cut open your thoracic cavity ,and performs your heart's surgery while bringing it to rest for some period of time.That's it.

What do you call a heart surgeon?

You call a heart surgeon a: cardiovascular surgeon.

What is a heart surgeon?

A surgeon who specializes in heart operations.

First person to operate on the human heart?

Daniel Hale was the first surgeon to successfully operate on the human heart.

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