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It is located under the front bumper in the left hand corner.It can be seen from under in the front left corner.

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Q: Where is the horn in a 1994 Opel Astra located in the engine?
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What american car has an opel engine?

The Saturn Astra does, but that's just a rebadged Opel Astra. The Buick Verano also does, but it, too, is a badge engineered Opel Astra.

Opel astra unlock radio?

What is the code forCDP 2500 Radio.Locktronic code?

When was Opel Astra created?

Opel Astra was created in 1991.

Where is the power steering reservoir on a 1994 opel Astra 200 IE?

under the pump

Where is the thermostat located on a 1997 Opel Astra?

On my Vauxhall Astra 1.6 8v engine. The thermostat was on the left hand side of the engine behind the rear timing belt cover were the coolant hose leaves the engine to the radiator. hope this helps

Where is timing belt located on an opel astra?

what year is the astra, timing belts in my experience are usually found on the left hand side of the engine block. it conects the cylinder head to the bottom endof the engine via a system of pulleys.

Where is the engine number on a opel astra?

The engine number on an Opel Astra may be listed inside of the car manual if the number is not listed on the engine itself. Other vital information such as what kind of oil should be used is listed in the car manual as well.

Where is the relay of fuel pump of Opel Astra type g located?

The Fuel Pump Relay is at position 3 in the engine bay relay plate

What causes the opel astra to over heat?

that's a bad sign of engine trouble.

How do you dismantle the Steering Opel Astra 98?

How to dismantle the Steering wheel Opel Astra 98

Waar zit een egr klep van opel astra?

erg klep opel astra

What mk is a opel astra 2001?

This is the Vauxhall/Opel Astra "G" sometimes known as the Mark 4

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