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It was made in 1938.

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2008-09-10 03:27:29
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Q: What year was a Kenmore Rotary Sewing Head Model Number 117.831 made?
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How much is Kenmore rotary sewing head model number 117.552 worth?

1954 they started productig

What year was a Kenmore Rotary Sewing Head Model Number 117.959 made?

I have on that was my grandmothers. In the manual she has delivery date as :1949.

What yearwas Kenmore Rotary Sewing Head Model Number 117.552made?

the book i have says that it was delivered in sept. of 1952. model number 117.552

How much is a Kenmore Rotary Sewing Machine Model No 117.831 with attachments worth?


What is the value of a Kenmore Rotary Head Sewing machine Model 117.959?

checking for co-worker

How much is a Kenmore rotary sewing machine in cabinet model 117.141 with instructions?

ill buy it

Year Kenmore Electric Rotary Sewing Machine 117.959 manufactured?

The year according to Sears Archives is 1948.

How do you thread a Kenmore model 117.324 95 rotary sewing machine?

value of model 117.324

What would the age of your Kenmore Vintage Sewing machine be - the model 14814220?

There is not a model 14814220 for the Kenmore Vintage Sewing machine; this number is the part number.

What is the value of a Pfaff 3.0 Select Sewing Machine?

I have a Sears Kenmore model 83 sewing machine cabinet style, model # 117831 and the patent # is 1646962. There are also these numbers on it E-6354 and 83X20205. I am not good with the compute so wondering if you could get me info. and it's worth on it.

What is the age of this sewing machine Kenmore model number C87715?

What year was the Sears Kenmore Sewing Maching Model 158.350 made?

How old is Kenmore sewing machine model number 1516?

I bought my Sears Kenmore sewing machine, Model 1516, in 1972.

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