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Dot painting

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Q: What types of art are there in aboriginal art?
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What are the 4 types of aboriginal art or is it three in which case what are the 3 types of aboriginal art?

Basically there are three types of art: personal art, social art and sacred or ritual art.

What was the the different types of aboriginal art?

There are 4 main types of aboriginal art. These are x-ray, mimi, symbolic and free art. These are the three main types, although, there are many more that branch off from these categories.

How can you do aboriginal art?

You can make copies or imitations of aboriginal art, but if you are not aboriginal, neither is your work.

What do the symbols mean on Aboriginal art?

symbolic aboriginal art

Is dancing aboriginal art?

Dancing is a form of art so if aboriginal are doing a traditional dance it can be called aboriginal art.

What does aboriginal art really involve?

aboriginal art involves many things, such as

How does aboriginal art feel like?


What has the author Wally Caruana written?

Wally Caruana has written: 'Aboriginal art' -- subject(s): Aboriginal Australian Art, Australian aboriginal Art

What is foley art?

Aboriginal Art.

How old is aboriginal art thought to be?

Aboriginal art goes back more then 30,000 years There are examples of different types and styles of aboriginal art all over Australia and evidence of it going back thousands of years so no one has yet been able to quite put their finger on the answer to this question

What are different forms of Aboriginal art?

There are 3 basic forms of aboriginal art: personal art, social art and sacred/ritual art.

What are the different forms of aboriginal art?

There are 3 basic forms of aboriginal art: personal art, social art and sacred/ritual art.

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