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.035 is spark plug gap 30 degrees is the dwell setting

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Q: What is the spark plug gap for a 65 Chevy impala 283 V8?
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What is the spark plug gap for a 1965 Chevrolet Impala 283 V8?


Where is the timing to be set at for a 1962 Chevy 283 engine?

The timing tab is on the left front of the block....It sets at 4 BTC 58-63...

How do you mount the alternator on a 283 Chevy small block with headers?

The header manufacturers make a braket that straddles over the front header tube, and will allow you to mount it there. See your local speed shop.

Why Burning oil Old Chevy 283 V8 No smoking 1st minute after cold start Then blue smokes bad for 5 minutes then stops again No smoke out breather just exhaust Bad valve seals?

Probably valve seals but also check the oil drain return holes at the back of the heads, they could be plugged up.

How do you find engine size of a 1965 Chevrolet Impala SS V8?

On the right (passenger) side of engine, just ahead of the front edge of the head there is a little flat area where the block extends a little further forward than the front edge of the head. The number is stamped on that flat area which is aprox 1.5 x .5 inches. You may need to sand the area a little with medium sandpaper, and then rub some white chalk on it. When you are finished, be sure to wipe some grease on it for rust protection or someday the number won't be readable at all, as the stamping is very light at best. There are many resources available such as manuals and the internet, where you can then look up the number. My guess is that you have the 283 which was common for that year, however there were a few other engines, both small and big block that were used on occasion. Good Luck Rick

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