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Film camera's use the old film canisters and have to be developed (taken to the store). Digital cameras use memory to store the images, and can be uploaded to your computer/iPod/etc.

Digital camera: Points of light are detected and each point (called a pixel) is assigned a value representing color and intensity. The collection of pixels is saved to some kind of electronic media, flash card, magnetic disk, optical disk or maybe something entirely different. The resulting file can be read by imaging software and the photo can then be printed.

Film camera: Points of light are detected and each point is recorded by a grain of chemical material that is light sensitive. The chemical material can be processed in a lab and turned into negatives and/or prints or transparencies. The resulting image can be put in a book, framed and put on your desk or just thrown into an old shoebox.

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Q: What is the difference between a film camera and a digital camera?
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What is the biggest difference between a film and digital camera?

The main difference between a film and digital camera is the fact that a film camera uses film. A digital camera uses a SD card instead of film.

What is the difference between a film camera and digital camera?

the difference is film camera needs a film to capture a picture and digital camera does not need the film to proceed. but it needs only a memory chip to save the captured pictures on it.

What is the difference between a digital and a film camera?

easy!a digital takes photos, and film take a video, DAAA!

What is the difference between film camera and digital camera in regards to taking a picture?

It depends on the camera type. For inexpensive "point & shoot" cameras, the main difference is that a film camera takes the picture immediately when you press the button. On some digital cameras, especially the older ones, there is a delay, sometimes up to a second or more, between pressing the button and the camera taking the picture. With the more expensive SLR cameras, there is no difference in shutter response time between film and digital cameras. Most digital SLR's can take multiple pictures as rapidly as a film camera with a motor drive.

What is the difference between digital camera from old camera?

You need to expand your question a bit more. Are you asking about the differences between digital vs. film? That question is being answered in other threads. OR.... Are you asking if you can convert a film camera to digital? The answer to that is yes, sometimes. Personally I would not recommend it, just go buy a digital camera.

What is a digital camera and where is a good place to find the right starter camera for me?

The main difference between a digital camera and a regular camera is that a digital camera does not need film in order to work. The Canon A430 is inexpensive and a good starter digital camera. It's priced around $170 but will last you a long time.

Can a film camera can convert to digital camera?

No. You cannot economically convert a film camera to a digital camera. The digital system is very different and fitting it to an existing film camera is more expensive than buying a new digital camera. Some of the more expensive professional cameras can change between film and digital backs replacing the film transport with digital technology. The replacement backing includes all the electronics and controls typical of a digital camera of that caliber.

What is difference between SLR and DSLR Camera?

The D stands for digital. DSLR's use a digital sensor for saving the image instead of photographic film

10 Difference between a digital camera and analog camera?

Digital Cameras use Cards And Flash memory to store photos Film Cameras use Film Many Film cameras Need No batteries All digital cameras do Digital Cameras Can Take (Sometimes) Better Photos Than Film Cameras analogue computers use shutter digital camera uses image sensor other than film

The difference between a D-SLR camera and a SLR camera?

DSLR - Digital Single Lens Reflex (digital image only) SLR - Single Lens Reflex (uses film only)

What is the difference between traditional photography and digital photography?

Traditional Photography records light from a camera on to film, digital records the light on to a light sensitive digital CCD that transferrs the image into data and records it as a digital file.

What is the difference between Canon SLR and Canon digital SLR?

SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex - if it doesnt say digital then its probably a film camera (35mm).

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