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Ball & Roller Bearings both belongs to the category of radial contact bearings.

In case of ball bearings spherical balls are used however in case of roller bearings cylindrical rollers are used.

due to balls used in ball bearings there is a point contact is made whether it is line contact in roller.

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2012-04-26 07:02:35
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Q: What is the difference between a ball bearing and a roller bearing?
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What kind of noise does a wheel bearing make when it goes bad?

The answer to this one is dependant on front or rear and weather or not the car is front or rear drive. A typical bearing on the front of a rear drive car is a tapered roller type. A growling noise when the effected side is loaded with weight as in a turn may come and go as the vehicles weight is shifted from side to side. The rear bearings on a late model vehicle that is rear drive are mostly a non tapered roller design. These bearings usually begin with a whine in early stages of failure and progress to a growl as damage increases. As for the front drive vehicle, growling noise is typical for both front and rear bearings. The rear because they are tapered roller as discussed earlier, and the front because they are usually a ball bearing type which load differently than the roller type.

What is difference between sphere and round?

a sphere is a ball shaped or globular body. Round is having a flat circular surface as in a disk

How do you change a front wheel bearing on a 1997 Ford Escort Estate?

Although there is a snap ring retaining the bearing, you will need to take the strut to a mechanic and have the bearing pressed out. If you take out the three bolts on the top of the strut tower, and disconnect the ball joint at the bottom, you won't have to worry about throwing the alignment out.

Difference in Alumina ball and ceramic ball?

Alumina ball is a kind of ceramic balls. Here are at least four kinds ceramic balls as I know--Silicon Nitride balls, Silicon Carbide balls, Zirconia balls and Alumina balls.

What do people do for recreational fun in the central valley of California?

There are many things to do. Swimming, biking, roller blades, horseback riding, camping, fishing, hunting, paint ball, all sports, going to the coast or mountains.

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What is the NAICS Code for Ball and Roller Bearing Manufacturing?

NAICS 332991 applies to Ball and Roller Bearing Manufacturing.

How many types of Bearings?

there are many types of bearings .... 1)ball bearing 2)roller bearing 3)ball thrust bearing 4)roller thrust bearing & 5)tapered roller thrust..

What is the difference between a ball point pen and a roller pen?

The roller ball pen's ink is more liquid.

Difference between a deep groove ball bearing and an angular contact ball bearing?

deep grove ball bearing is Accumulate the load 90 degree but angular contact ball bearing 25,45,Ect degree

Who invented the roller ball bearing?

It is not known who specifically invented the roller ball bearing. There are examples of their use by the ancient Egyptians. However, it is thought that they may have been invented before the wheel.

How many people worked in ball and roller bearing manufacturing in the U.S. in 2001?

In 2001 U.S. establishments involved in ball and roller bearing manufacturing employed a total of more than 32,200.

Where can you find roller skates called ball bearing no 5?


What are types of pump bearings?

This type of pump bearing: • Antifriction bearings - Single-row, deep-groove ball bearing - Double-row, angular contact ball bearing - Single-row, angular contact ball bearing pair - Cylindrical roller bearings - Spherical roller bearings - Taper roller bearings set • Sleeve bearings* • Pivoted-shoe thrust bearings*

When are ball bearings used?

Generally, a ball bearing is used when speed is important; a roller bearing is used more often when load is most important.

What is included in the Ball and Roller Bearings industry?

This industry covers establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing ball and roller bearings (including ball or roller bearing pillow block, flange, takeup cartridge, and hangar units) and parts.

What is the difference between optical mouse and trackball mouse?

the difference is that an optical mouse hasn`t got a ball to use the mouse with but an roller ball mouse has got a ball to use.smelly nob

How many ball bearings are there in the world?

AnswerYou will have to do some research. number of manufacturers and their production levels. example: Timken Bearing: produced 2.5 billion ball bearings in 1998. : Stats are their are 80%-90% still in service and those not are in junk yards.You have a lot of work ahead of you if you really need to know this answer.It depends on bearing qualities the manufacturing of bearings depends on demand. the different varieties are-Taper Roller Bearings, Deep Groove Ball Bearings, Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Spherical Roller Bearings, Spherical Thrust Bearings, Clutch Release Bearings, Needle Roller Bearing, Self Aligning Ball Bearings, Angular Contact and Double Row Bearings, King Pin Bearings, UCP Pillow Block, Water Pump Bearing, Ball Bearing Manufacturers, Metal Bearing exporters, Roller Bearing, Needle Bearings, Automotive, Roller High Precision Manufacturers, THRUST BALL BEARING, Automobile Bearing, Thrust Bearing, Roller Bearing Cylindrical Manufacturers, Needle Bearing Cages Manufacturers, Engine Bearings Manufacturers, Elevator Part Bearing Hanger ManufacturersVisit Us At

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