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Christmas cookies are always good.

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2008-12-23 22:52:32
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Q: What are some easy to make Christmas gifts?
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Are there any homemade Christmas gifts for men that are easy to make?

There are a variety of gifts that can be made for men for the holidays. Some of which are making christmas ornaments personalized with their name on it, or a collage of photos of them from your holidays spent together. Both are easy, quick and cost effective ideas.

What are some Christmas presents that you can make?

Here's a list of easy-to-make gifts: KITCHEN----------Biscuits, Cake, Pastries, ARTY/CREATIVE---Pictures, Paintings, Drawings, Cards, Puppets,

What are some great and easy to make Christmas gifts?

Gift Vouchers, Calenders, cards there is heaps just use you imagionation or you could make a gift basket with handmade goods?

What are some of the best goodies to bake for Christmas gifts?

I think cookies are the best. They're easy anddelicious!!!

What are some good Christmas Gifts to make or give?

make a snowman made out of cotton balls

What are the easiest Christmas gifts to make?

There are hundreds of different types of gifts that one could make for the holidays such as Christmas. Some examples are as follows: Christmas cards, stockings, homemade tree ornaments, and Popsicle picture frames.

What are some American traditions for Christmas?

Some Christmas traditions are hanging up Christmas lights, going to your families and celebreate Christmas with a big Christmas meal and then the children open gifts that Santa brings them. Then on Christmas day the kids usually get gifts but some of them get coal, those who get gifts open them.

What are some traditional Christmas gifts for a husband?

There are many different traditional Christmas gifts for one's husband. One of the most common traditional Christmas gifts for a husband would be some sugar cookies or sweets.

What are some Christmas gifts?

CandyMoneyGift cardsClothesElectronicsToysBooksMovies

What is the Best Christmas gift for a female roommate?

There are many gifts that would make good gifts for a female roommate. Some of the best Christmas gifts for a female roommate might be an iPod, gift card to her favorite restaurant, or a shopping spree.

What are some good ideas for creating Christmas crafts for gifts?

Scrapbooks, photo frames, children's handprints, and homemade ornaments make excellent Christmas gifts. Handmade gifts are usually more memorable than something store bought. That is why creating Christmas crafts for gifts is a good idea, and why it is also growing in popularity.

What are some romantic Christmas gifts?

Some romantic Christmas gifts would be chocholates or a swan lake. A romantic Christmas gift can be anything that pleases your girlfriend or wife and makes her happy.

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