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These are some different kinds of Photography:

  1. Portrait Photography

  2. Photojournalism

  3. Fashion Photography

  4. Sports Photography.

  5. Still Life Photography

  6. Editorial Photography

  7. Architectural Photography

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There are catergories and subcategories, i will only state the main ones but use Portrait photography as an example of sub-categories...











Wildlife and Nature

Social (weddings etc)




Wiki says;

* Architectural photography * Candid photography * Cloudscape photography * Documentary photography * Erotic photography * Fashion photography * Fine art photography * Fire photography * Forensic photography * Food photography * Glamour photography * Head shot * Landscape art * Miksang (contemplative photography) * Nature photography * Nude photography * Photojournalism * Portrait photography * Sports photography * Still life photography * Stock photography * Street photography * Travel photography * Underwater photography * Vernacular photography * VR photography * War photography * Wedding photography * Wildlife photography

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There are many different types of photography. Understanding which category a photo falls into will develop your photographic knowledge.

Product photography

Abstract Photography

Adventure Photography

Advertising Photography

Architecture Photography

Black and White Photography

Candid Photography

Cityscape Photography

Commercial Photography

Fashion Photography

Documentary Photography

Drone Photography

Editorial Photography

Landscape Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Macro Photography

Minimalist Photography

Mobile Photography

Newborn Photography

Night Photography

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Q: What are all of the different kinds of photography?
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Colleges for photography?

Some colleges that have majors in photography are MICA, SCAD, and Corcoran. There are colleges all over that have photography as a major.

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An optical illusion is something that appears real but actually isn't. All kinds of optical illusions can be generated with mirrors, overlapped negatives, photography, etc.

What are some of the benefits of photography?

There are different types of photography such as product photography, underwater photography, architecture photography, portrait photography etc. Each has its own specific uses and purposes. Underwater photography for instance is mainly used for catching fish, coral and other marine life. The reason why underwater photography is used in this way is because the light is much clearer underwater. It is also the case that underwater photography produces the most breathtaking images. If you want stunning landscape photographs then it is better to spend more time on the different types of landscape photography.

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