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Unlimited-Tritium, as a form of Hydrogen, is found naturally in air and water. Most hydrogen is made up of one proton, and an orbital electron, but tritium has two extra neutrons in the nucleus. In nature, it is produced by cosmic rays in two source terms: 14N + 1n ---> 3H + 12Cand2H + 2H ---> 3H + 1

Tritium is not normally considered to be naturally occurring. The amounts produced by cosmic rays are trace. To produce it in meaningful amounts you need either a nuclear reactor or bomb. Besides it decays rapidly, in 61.3 years any present now is effectively gone.

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Q: How much tritium is on Earth?
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What is the estimated total tritium on earth?

Not much and in 5 * 12.26 years (61.3 years) it will effectively be gone.

How is Tritium formed in the atmosphere of the earth?

Tritium is an isotope of hydrogen and is extremely rare. It has two neutrons in the nucleus, whereas hydrogen most commonly has none. Tritium can be formed in Earth's atmosphere by the action of cosmic rays on atoms of nitrogen.

How many atoms of tritium are in 3.75kg of water?

In ordinary water, exactly 0 atoms as Tritium decays too rapidly (halflife 12.26 years) for any that was on earth when it formed (billions of years ago) to remain. In contaminated water, either deliberately or accidentally, it would depend on how much contaminate was added and the tritium concentration in it. Tritium can only be manufactured somewhere there is a high neutron flux (e.g., nuclear reactor or bomb, a star).

What is the chemical symbol for tritium?

Tritium ³H

What is the name of the isotope tritium?

Tritium. What did you think it was?

How much would a mole of tritium atoms wiegh?

3.017005 gm

What is the oxide of tritium?

The oxide of tritium is tritium oxide, sometimes called super heavy water, or 3H2O.

How much would a mole of tritium atoms weigh?

Approximately 3 grams

Number of neutrons in tritium?

There are two neutrons in a tritium nucleus.

The correct symbol for an atom of tritium?

The symbol of tritium is T.

What color is tritium?

Tritium is an isotope of hydrogen, so it is colorless.

Symbol of an atom of tritium?

Tritium symbols: T or 3H.

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