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Used Kenmore sewing cabinet sell between $10 - 20. The condition of the sewing machine inside is irrelevant.

The resale value of this sewing machine is approximately zero ($0.00). There is nothing wrong with that particular make or model. Ninety-nine percent of these older, electro-mechanical sewing machines aren't worth anything because the cost of having it serviced approaches or exceeds the price of a NEW machine from a discount store. A new $89 machine will do everything the old one does and more. An old machine that has been stored away for years always requires service, even though it appears to sew ok for a quick test. All the grease and oil which lubricated the machine has either hardened or turned to varnish. This gunk has to be cleaned out and the machine lubricated else the machine will jam and break threads on the first project. Although older machines might be constructed from mostly metal, this alone doesn't make them "better" than a new machine having a lot of plastic parts. Mass produced, consumer goods from yesteryear have all same short comings of modern mass produced, consumer goods. They cut corners to save cost. You don't find out what these corners are until you have a problem. You are unlikely to break a new machine but if you do then you can take it back. Breaking an old machine will lead you down a path of frustration. You'll discover that the "all metal" machine has little plastic gears and a rubber timing belt, both of which have become fragile with age. This is why there is little to no market for old sewing machines. When you own an old sewing machine that you must get rid of, feel satisfied if you find it a good home; otherwise it will end up in a landfill. Of course, you can always stick it to someone by asking a high price for the machine than laying in wait for someone who doesn't know how to value such items. This happens all the time in antique stores.

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Q: How much is a Kenmore Sewing Machine model 48 in a wooden cabinet worth it has all the cams to do the fancy machine stitching patterns?
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What model Sears Kenmore sewing machine was originally in cabinet 566.91002?

I just found this cabinet at a Goodwill with model #5186 Sears Kenmore sewing machine inside.

How much is a Kenmore sewing machine model E6354 with a wooden sewing machine cabinet worth?


What is the value of Kenmore 117.141 Sewing machine?

Kenmore Model 117.141 with a motor that runs and a good cabinet is worth $30.00 to me. A machine that old is bound to had some issues.

How old is a Kenmore Sewing Machine model 158.904 with a wood sewing machine cabinet?

It is my understanding that this machine, the 158.904 was manufactured in 1987 in Canada

What year was Kenmore sewing machine model 43 with wood sewing cabinet manufactured?


How much is a Kenmore rotary sewing machine in cabinet model 117.141 with instructions?

ill buy it

What year was the Sears Kenmore Model 158 161 sewing machine made?

My mother gave me her old cabinet machine, Sears Kenmore Model 158, and in the manual she wrote the date 12-2-1968. This date is found inside the cabinet.

Can you convert an old cabinet model 158 17550 Kenmore sewing machine into a portable machine?

Yes, you can take them out of the cabinet by loosening two grub screws that hold the machine on two posts. If the machine has a foot control, you are all ready to use it as a table top model. You can also put it in a Kenmore carrying case. Kenmores are a different size than other machines, so they have to go in a Kenmore carrying case or cabinet. If the machine has a knee control and not a foot control, you would need to buy a foot control to fit it. They are available on many websites and ebay.

How do you use presser foot on old Kenmore sewing machine 117-959?

Under the cabinet there is an arm that you your knee to push on.

How much is a antique Kenmore Sewing Machine model E 6354 inside wood cabinet worth?

200 dollars

How much is a Kenmore sewing machine model 49 with a wood sewing machine cabinet worth?

Don't know the value, but I just managed to get this exact thing - cabinet and all at Goodwill for $25. The machine works but has no original accessories or manual included.

What ia the value of a Sears Kenmore Model 1774 zig zag sewing machine in cabinet with attachments and original manual?


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