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Just came in the house from doing just that. First remove the heat shield from the exhaust pipes. Next I found it's best to remove the upper radiator hose. ( Gives you room to work). This now gives you some room to get at the 2 starter hold down bolts and the nut that holds the main electrical wire to the starter. Also you can now take off the little plug that goes on top of the starter.Once you take off these bolts, the starter can be removed via the exhaust pipes. The new starter will go on alot faster you'll find. Mine did. Good luck! ***************** I just replaced the starter on a 1999 Galant 3.0 V6 (1999-2003): The starter motor is located on the front of the engine behind the exhaust pipe and next to the oil filter. First disconnect the battery. Next remove the flat, angular heat shield from the starter itself (1x 8mm nut and 2x 8mm bolts). Do NOT try to remove the heat shield from the Exhaust pipe - it can't be removed with the starter in place and it's not necessary anyway. Next remove the oil filter. You'll loose a few ounces of oil so be prepared for that with a drain pan and either cover the removed filter to keep debris out or replace it and remember to check the oil level later. Remove the small signal wire from the solenoid (released by pushing in a tiny lever with a finger tip) and also remove the 12mm nut attaching the positive battery cable to the starter. The starter is held in place by two 14mm bolts. On the engine (passenger) side, there is a 14x30mm bolt threading into the transaxle from the bottom of the starter. On the transaxle (driver) side, there is a longer 14x50mm bolt threading into the top of the starter. Funnily enough, I just replaced the battery two weeks ago. I suspect now that the power of a new battery burned up the worn brushes in the original starter.

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Q: How do you remove the starter on a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant?
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