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You can't you haveto log in on Facebook and it's your profile picture that comes up

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Q: How do you get a profile picture on draw something?
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How do you put picture on draw something?

You need to be logged on to face book, your profile picture will be your draw something display

How do you put a profile picture on the app draw something without a Facebook account?

You can't

How do you change your profile on draw something?

Go in to draw something frees settings and click account

How do you make a draw something profile?

i dont know lol

What is a cool pic to use for a profile picture?

Shave the back of your head and draw a face on it.

What is wordy Pictures?

A wordy picture is that when you draw a picture and there is something happening in your picture you have to explain what is happening in the picture.

What does illistrate mean?

to draw a picture of something you see.

How do you put your picture on draw something?

By loggin in to fb

What is a good picture for a profile picture?

Really, any picture is suitable for a profile picture for websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. As long as it's you or something related to you (like things you are interested in), it certifies as a profile picture. Although, some websites require certain sized pictures to be able to upload them as your profile picture, so watch out for that.

How do you put a pic on draw something?

I think to have a profile pic on draw Something you need to be logged in on a Facebook account. I'm pretty sure the pic is your profile pic

How can you make a profile picture on Gmail?

A profile picture is something that people see when they receive mail. It can be added on the top right icon. It contains Upload option.

How do you change kidzworld profile picture?

you go to your pictures/albums and look at your pictures under each picture you will see something that says make profile picture, if u dont have the picture up then upload it, then do as i said....triston

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