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depending on what you mean by disarm the car alarm, it may be as simple as putting the key in either the front driver or front passenger door and turning towards the rear of the car once or twice. the driver door keyhole on my 93 no longer works to disarm, so i use the front passenger door.

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Q: How do you disarm a car alarm on a 94 Nissan Maxima?
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How do you disable the alarm on a 1995 vw passat gls?

To disarm the alarm you need to put the key into the door lock and unlock the car. Putting the key into the ignition will not stop the alarm.

1999 Nissan maxima that the alarm light is on the starter will crank but won't start Everything mechanical is fine is there a reset code for the factory installed alarm so the car can start again.?

I asked the question, got some info. behind the glove box, unplug the alarm from the control?

What if your Nissan Xterra won't start after the alarm goes off?

This happened to me. My keyless remote won't work so I'm having to use key If not done right, can cause your car not to disarm your security system. You have to hold you key to the unlock position for a couple seconds.

What should you do if your alarm system on your 2002 Nissan Altima has been triggered and your car won't start?

Ok, a bit of work is involved in terminating a factory NISSAN alarm system. Normally, you would insert the key in the drivers door, turn left, then right to disarm and reset it. If yours is malfunctioning, you can disable it for good by doing the following: The FACTORY ALARM DISARM WIRE IS white/blue |-| at the door lock switch in the drivers door. Meter these wires while turning the key in the driver door key cylinder. Once Located, splice into this wire with a similar guage wire, and put it to a solid chassis ground. This terminates the alarm functions entirely. However, at this point, this car would be exceedingly easy to steel, so I suggest you get an aftermarket alarm system to protect it from here on in. Hope you can nail it for the neighbors, (and your) sake! ALARMTEK

Where is the starter located on a 1996 Nissan Maxima?

The starter is underneath the air filter/scoop to the right of the engine. You have to take the air filter assembly out of the car in order to get at it for replacement.

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How do you disarm the alarm on a 1997 Maxima?

If your 97 Nissan Maxima's alarm is like mine, put your key in the driver's side door and "unlock" the car. The alarm will only go off if the other three doors have been locked (driver's side door remains unlocked) and you have closed the door and left the car alone for 30 seconds or more. Then when the driver's side door is opened again the alarm goes off.

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