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Undo the 2 bolts on the bottom of the starter. The starter will drop down, let it rest on the break lines, undo the two starters wires, (the selenoid and the power), 2 connections 3 wires total, grab the starter from the break lines, bring it out and around and it's all yours.

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Q: How do you change the starter on a 1978 Chevy van with a 350 motor?
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Is the starter on a 1970 Chevy 350 different from a 1978 Chevy 350?


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Can you put a starter from a 1997 GMC pick-up into a 1978 Chevy PU?

If it has a 1978 motor, then no...I tryed this similar thing and the holes don't match up exactly. The manufactorers make two diff. versions for your truck, ask your parts store to verify which starter to use.

Will a 1992 Chevy 427 motor bolt to a 1978 Chevy 350 turbo trans?

No. blocks are not the same.

What weight of motor oil is recommended for a 1978 Chevy truck?

SAE 10w30

Will a 1978 Chevy 350 motor bolt to a 1992 Chevy turbo 350 transmission?

No turbo 350's in 1992.

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How do you change the heater core on a 1978 Chevy Nova Custom with a 305 v8 engine and where is it located on the car? thanks jj

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Passenger side, front, lower on the motor.

Where is the starter on a 1978 nova?

Should be on left side facing motor down at bottom of engine near the fire wall.

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remove starter remove transmission unbolt flywheel

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They made a few versions of it. I would have to know which motor you have.

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