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can you smoke before a cat scan

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Q: Can you smoke before a cat scan?
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Can you smoke before a ct scan?

Can I smoke before ct scan

Can you smoke before a PET scan?

No you cannot smoke before a PET scan because it will alter the results and it will be detecting in you system which may cause problems with the scanning process.

Do you have to stay home after you get a CAT scan?

No, a CAT scan has no residual effects.

What is a barium cat scan?

scanning with barium is knownas barium cat scan

What is the common name for CAT scan?

uuuh lets seee........ a cat scan!

Why would a patient be given Acetylcysteine before a cat scan?

to prevent kidney damage

What does CT scan stand for?

cat scan

What is the difference between a pelvis cat scan and an abdomen cat scan?

They are just as they say. An abdominal cat scan is just of that area and a pelvic cat scan is just of that area. Usually if an abdominal cat scan is ordered a pelvis is included so as to cover all things in both areas but if a pelvic cat scan is ordered it usually does not include the abdomen.

What is a triphasic cat scan?

A triphasic CAT scan, or triple-phase CAT scan, displays the uptake of the three dye stages inside the body. The first dye stage is before injection of the dye, the second is after the dye is in the arteries after about 20 seconds, and the third is in the veins after about 40 seconds.

Are lymph nodes revealed on a cat scan?

do lymph nodes show on a cat scan

What is the full form of CAT scan and MRI scan?

CAT scan is a Computerized Axial Tomography scan. MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

What type of procedure is a PET scan?

cat scan

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