what does special coverage a mean?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What does special coverage a mean?
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What do you mean by collision coverage?

Collision is a coverage that usually applies when you "collide" with another vehicle.

What are the release dates for NBC Nightly News - 1970 Oklahoma City Special Coverage 25-4?

NBC Nightly News - 1970 Oklahoma City Special Coverage 25-4 was released on: USA: 23 April 1995

What do you mean by insurance coverage?

You have insurance coverage if you paid the premium required for that policy. The coverage will pay appropriate types of claims during the period of time of that policy.

Will A Standard Homeowner's Policy Cover Flood Damage?

In majority of states no. Special flood coverage has to be bought.

What does no coverage mean for clubs?

It means you don't have to pay a fee to get in.

What does special purpose map mean?

special purpose wat does that mean

Is it a state law in Florida that your insurance company must provide a rental car after an accidentif you have full coverage insurance and hit a deer?

No. By "full coverage," I assume you mean you have comprehensive and collision coverage. This does not include rental. You have to buy a special endorsement on your policy to get rental. Hitting a deer is a comprehensive claim and if you have rental, you will get a rental if the car is non-drivable or when it is in the shops for the repairs. If you did not buy rental, the insurance company does not have to pay. Check your coverages.

Can you put full coverage insurance on a car with a salvage title car in Minnesota?

On every auto application, there is a question will ask: "Does the vehicle have a salvaged or branded title?" If this is the case, you will not be able to put full coverage, (comprehensive and collision coverage) on the vehicle. Sometime you can get special exceptions from your insurance carrier to get the full coverage put on if all damage was repaired. It is much harder to get full coverage on a salvaged title vehicle.

Do you need liability insurance if you have a party in a school building?

Absolutely. And if the school system has anyone with intelligence they will require you to provide them with proof of such coverage in the same amount equal to their liability coverage amount. If this is a one time thing you can purchase a liability policy called special event coverage.

What does EC and VMM mean?

Extended Coverage and Vandalism & Malicious Mischief

What does an endorsement to homeowners policy mean?

Endorsements are an amendment to the policy form that is designed to either add coverage or reduce coverage. Most of the time it is granting additional coverage for something that you need covered but which is not on the basic form.

Your divorce decree provides your exwife with insurance but not with COBRA coverage in the event that your insurance does not provide regular coverage What does this mean?

Poor grammar. It means nothing.