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COQ-10 is an enzyme that is said to have some health benefits, especially for chronic fatigue sufferers. Some of the benifits are said to include increased energy and alertness.

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Q: What are some of the health benefits of taking coq-10?
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What are some benefits of COQ10?

CoQ10 is similar to vitamins, and is naturally produced by the body. The benefits of taking CoQ10 supplements include lowered risk of heart failure and cancer and it has also been reported to help reduce medicine effects on the heart and organs.

CoQ10 Supplement Benefits?

Many people have begun taking CoQ10 supplements for various reasons. Research has shown this coenzyme is effective in preventing heart disease, toxin overload and a host of other health problems. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of false claims associated with this supplement. Here is a look at some of the proven benefits for those who are interested in adding CoQ10 to their daily regimen.Heart diseaseSeveral heart surgeons and chemists have discovered and verified a relationship between a person's risk of hearth disease and the levels of CoQ10 in the bloodstream. Those with low levels are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular ailments. Japanese doctors prescribed CoQ10 to their heart disease patients and saw improvements in most cases. It is safe to say that CoQ10 is a good supplement for those looking to reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke.If you are looking to reduce your risk of heart disease, there is no substitute for a healthy diet and exercise; however, supplements like CoQ10 may provide added benefits. Use in athletesPeople who are very active tend to deplete the levels of CoQ10 in their blood. Thus, when athletes take CoQ10 supplements, they see an increase in performance and recovery time. People with muscular disorders often take the supplement for the same reason.As an antioxidantCoQ10 is an antioxidant, which means it absorbs potentially-harmful free radicals in the body. This has several effects. First off, it can make skin and other tissues age more slowly. It can also reduce the instance of infection and help ward off colds and the flu, although these effects are not dramatic.Taking a CoQ10 supplement is a good choice for those who want to lower their risk of heart disease. This supplement is by no means magical, but it can have some positive effects in the body.

What are some of the major medical benefits of COQ10?

Coenzyme Q0 is a billed as a potent antioxidant. Antioxidants increase cellular health and are said to aid in the prevention of aging. Many of these claims, however, have not been studied in randomized, controlled trials.

Has taking supplemental CoQ10 benefited you in any way (changed your quality of life/overall health)?

our body produces CoQ10, but as you age—especially after the age of 40—its production begins to decline to such a level that by the time you are in your sixties, your CoQ10 levels are only about 10% of what they were when you were in your thirties. Supplementing with a good-quality coenzyme Q10 can help replenish this shortfall and produce significant benefits for our health at a time in people’s lives when they need it most. Some studies have shown that as many as 75% of people are deficient in coenzyme Q10. However, aging is not the only CoQ10 benefit. Exposure to toxins and pollutants results in severe oxidative stress from free radicals, which deplete coenzyme Q10 and create a great need for more. Illnesses that put stress on the immune system will also deplete your coenzyme Q10 resources, as it enhances tissue oxygenation.

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