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Menopause is the time in a woman's life, marked by the cessation of a woman's menses and her ability to bear children. The onset of this time varies for each individual woman, but overall a woman can expect to see the signs of menopause appear from as early as 40 years of age on up into her 60s. The fluctuation of her hormones causes the symptoms of menopause.

Common Symptoms

The sometimes drastic changes in a woman's hormonal levels come during the perimenopause phase, according to the Mayo Clinic. The following symptoms indicate common signs of menopause.

An Irregular Period

This represents a very common sign of menopause. During the time of perimenopause a woman may have an early period or a late one. The amount of blood flow changes. She'll have some months with very heavy bleeding while others will fall into the low to normal range. In the later stages of pre-menopause, a woman will skip periods. She'll know that she is in full blown menopause when she hasn't had a period for 12 consecutive months.

Fertility and Libido Challenges

For the woman trying to have a child later in life, perimenopause causes some of the mature eggs in a her body not to drop, causing fertility issues. A woman may also experience a loss of libido during this phase of her life due to the hormonal changes as well.


The hair on a woman's head may start to thin, and she may as well start growing hairs on places like her chin and above her upper lip. These represent some of the most disconcerting signs of menopause.

Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are responsible for a woman feeling like it's July in the month of December. The hot flash brings with it symptoms like a flushed face and sweating. Hot flashes can interfere with sleep are one key sign of menopause that indicates a woman is in the latter stages of the process.

Mood and Mental Function

Symptoms such as depression, inability to concentrate, anxiety and mood swings are all indicators of the onset of menopause.

Physiological Side Effects

Many women experience symptoms such as crashing fatigue, ringing ears, changes in heart rhythm, aching joints and breast tenderness represent just a couple of the physiological signals that a woman is approaching menopause.

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Q: What are Some Common Signs of Menopause?
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What are some sings or symptoms that a person is entering menopause?

The most common sign is irregular periods. Other signs of menopause are those that occur with falling estrogen levels. This includes mood swings and hot flashes.

What are some signs or symptoms of menopause?

There are 35 common symptoms of the menopause, all of which can be found in the related link below.. Answer: Irritability, bloatedness and mood swings are few initial signs of menopause. Then there are hot flashes, night sweats,vaginal dryness and loss of libido. Having the right diet and right supplement can help in keeping these symptoms away.

Can signs of menopause be confuse for morning sickness?


If you have all the signs of pregnancy at 46.?


What are the first signs of the menaphause?

being unable to spell menopause correctly

Menopause at 45 years of age is it possible?

Menopause is very common at the age of 46. Most of the time, menopause starts in women at the age of 45. However, some women may get early menopause in their 20's.

Does hormone replacement interfere with menopause?

Yes hormone replacement does interfere with menopause because it is basically erases any signs from your body that your body needs menopause by making you fertile again.

Menopause sweating all the time?

Sweating and hot flashes are unfortunately a common side effect of menopause. These symptoms can last for years for some women and are more harsh if you consume nicotine and caffeine.

What is chemically induced menopause?

This is menopause induced by the detrimental effect of some drugs on the ovaries. Some forms of chemotherapy can induce menopause, for example.

Am I too young to start menopause at thirty two years old?

No Menopause can happen at any age. Women in there teens can reach menapause. If you think you have signs of menapause go to your doctor.

What are signs of pregnantcy?

Some common signs of pregnancy are: *No menstrual period *Fatigue and sleepiness *Breast changes *Frequent urination *Fullness, bloating, achiness in the abnominal area and *Mood swings and irritability Though, some not some common signs include: *Implantation bleeding and *Headaches

How do you know if you are pregnant or if it is menopause?