is a 165 a good sugar levels ?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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is 165 a good sugar level

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Q: Is a 165 a good sugar levels ?
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What do your sugar levels have to be for diabetes?

Sugar levels are very important when dealing with diabetics. High sugar levels mean the diabetic could have problems, and low sugar levels are not good either. You may need insulin to help balance the sugar level.

How can I regulate my blood sugar levels when I have Diabetes?

Some ways to regulate your blood sugar levels are to check and keep good records of your levels and the foods you eat every day. This way you can figure out which foods raise your blood sugar and avoid them.

Is cinnamon bad for health?

No actually its good for you and stabilize your sugar levels.

Can cinnamon help sugar metabolism?

If you are speaking about blood sugar levels, or blood glucose levels, as in Diabetics, no. Studies show that ¼ teaspoon of sugar daily helps keep blood sugar levels under control for certain diabetics. It works for me.

What should your blood sugar be?

my blood sugsr levels is 116 is that good or bad

Is wheat good 4 diabetes?

Yes, wheat is good for diabetes because it has low levels of sugar.

Is it good if you were 165 for a girl?

No, by the time your 165 you will be dead.

Does alcohol affect sugar levels?

Yes, alcohol has sugar in it and can affect blood sugar levels. Most diabetics are told to avoid alcohol consumption, as it tends to distort blood sugar levels and makes blood sugar control difficult.

When blood sugar levels rise what is secreted?


What diabetic food would make a good gift for a diabetic?

A diabetic is generally concerned with balancing sugar levels in their bloodstream. Therefore, a good diabetic food gift would generally be something that has either a low sugar count or a sugar substitute.

How much sugar is in food?

The amount of sugar in food can vary. Some foods contain high levels of sugar while others may have very low levels of sugar.

At what number are blood sugar levels considered an immediate danger?

Anything over 600mg/dl is considered dangerously. If it gets over 600mg/dl drink fluids immediately and call your doctor fight away. what is the best blood sugar number? What happens when your blood sugar is too high and what is considered too high What are some symptons of the blood sugar being too high What are good blood sugar levels? I have just been diagnosed with Diabeties 2, and I am wondering what are low level numbers and good numbers, also what is high>? I am asking for two hours after a meal. WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE LEVEL FOR BLOOD SUGAR TEST At what number are blood sugar levels considered an immediate danger? At what number are blood sugar levels considered to low ? sugar level 46