I'll Be Better Tomorrow

Updated: 9/27/2023
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We all have foods that tempt us. They draw us in, and eventually our will power gives way and we will eat that food. Those pastries will make their way into out mouth. That chocolate sauce will get drizzled onto a mountain of ice cream. That drive through will eventually see you order a big fat burger, probably laced with cheese and maybe even bacon.

The bottom line is that no ones will power is perfect. We are all going to slip up from time to time, wither we like it or not. And, lets be honest, we all like it when we are doing it. The real challenge is not in preventing every slip up, since that can never really be achieved. The real goal should be in how you deal with that flub and get back on the horse, and you will get back on that horse and finish your goals of losing weight.

Do not treat it like a whole day off

Sure, on some holidays and special occasions, you will end up with whole days that you may end up going off the wagon. After all, most of us do not want to think about what we are going to eat on Thanksgiving Day. That being said, just because you are having one bad thing in a day does not give you the right to go off of the farm and declare a diet holiday. You need to allow this one bad, accept it for what it is, and get right back on the horse. No excuses, no games and no taking a whole day off. That will just make your recoup harder than it needs to be.

Recover as soon as possible

If you can use some trick, or manipulation of your plans to make this flub less bad then do it. This may mean that if you have eaten something bad with lunch, that you will have to change your dinner plan to something that is less rich or caloric. If however, your snag happened at the end of the night, there may be little or nothing that you can do in order to recover today.

Remove the temptation for the future

If your problem is drive thru related, this won't be an issue. If however you bought, say a bag of cookies, or a whole gallon of ice cream, you have a problem. Having access to the junk food that you love, with only make you more likely to have another slip up again in the near future. It is better to be safe than it is to be sorry. I know that you just bought it, but get rid of it in any way that you can. Give it to a friend (one that is not on a diet), throw it away, and cover it in soap if you have to. No matter what it is, do what you need to do in order to create an atmosphere where it is harder to slip up again.

Good luck.

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Q: I'll Be Better Tomorrow
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