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Holistic medicine emphasizes mental, emotional and physical health as balanced aspects of well-being that affect the overall health of the person. Spirituality is also address when practicing a holistic style of medicine. This approach is often used to combine modern medicine with traditional techniques thought to enhance the mind, body, and spirit.

The Basics

Holistic medicine is a combination of medicines that most people are familiar with and those that may be new. For instance, you may take antibiotics for a bacterial infection and receive massage or acupuncture to enhance feelings of well-being. The idea that stress can cause illness is generally accepted by all people in the field of medicine. Holistic practitioners understand that emotions and spirituality can affect physical health significantly.

Holistic medicine also examines the environment and the patient as a whole person when treating illnesses. When the person has achieved a balance between their environment and their personal feelings, beliefs and expectations then true health can be achieved. A holistic practitioner is a guide, not someone who will force you to use medical practices that you aren't comfortable with.

Using Holistic Medicine

Learning how to use holistic medicine involves first finding a practitioner in your area. Holistic physicians are widely available and willing to work with patients who can take personal responsibility for their health. Most practitioners recognize that lifestyle often plays a large role in health and well-being and focus on teaching clients to learn new ways of living that have a positive impact on health. From medicines to mentoring, holistic professionals can help you achieve optimal health while providing you with an active role in achieving wellness.

There may be some occasions when you need to use traditional medicines as advised by your practitioner, but in general holistic medicines will integrate a wide range of treatments that can include everything from meditation to examining your personal feelings. The emotional aspects of holistic treatment can be very revealing in the quest for total health. Holistic medicine can be a good way to find balance and feel better than ever before.

Your Treatments

When using holistic medicine you may find that there are treatments that step outside what you have become accustomed to with western medicine. The treatments are often designed to emphasize every aspect of the person, allowing them to accept health and well-being as part of their lifestyle. Even though it is a big change from traditional medicine, holistic treatment is an option that allows you to grow as you heal your body.

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Q: How to Stay Healthy Using Holistic Medicine?
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