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While most people are aware that drivers under the age of 25 are at a higher risk of accidents, few realize that accident incidence rapidly increases for seniors aged 70 and older. Some statistics suggest that the elderly are up to 13% more likely to put in a car insurance claim. Due to this risk, most car insurance companies have instituted higher rates for elderly customers.

Why Elderly Drivers Are More Risky

Elderly driver car insurance is more expensive for a few reasons. As people age, their physical and mental acuity is frequently diminished. Reaction times are increased and mobility and flexibility are decreased. These changes mean that elderly drivers cannot respond as quickly as their younger counterparts. On top of that, most elderly individuals experience hearing and vision loss, which means they are less likely to notice stimuli such as other cars or changes in traffic.

What To Do About It

The best way to increase safety of elderly drivers and reduce insurance rates at the same time is to take an elderly drivers' safety course. While such courses cannot bring back lost abilities, it can provide information to participants, making them aware of their limitations. Further, these courses provide suggestions for the safest times to drive, as well as other coping mechanisms to mitigate problems with elderly driving. Many states offer insurance discounts for those who participate in these programs, providing an additional boon.

Other Ways to Save

There are other ways to save on elderly car insurance, as well. The first step should be to talk to an insurance agent, as these agents have specific information about different insurance companies and their rates. Typically, cost-savings comes from taking a defensive driving course, combining auto and homeowners insurance, or getting a discount through the American Association for Retired People (AARP). While it can be frustrating to deal with the problems of aging, these methods help elderly drivers get around the physical and monetary limitations that can arise, allowing them to maintain their independence.

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Q: How To Save On Elderly Driver Car Insurance ?
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AARP Auto Insurance offers car insurance for elderly people. In order to qualify for this insurance coverage, one must be at least 50 years of age, maintain a legal driver's license, and be mentally and physically able to drive.

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