How To Get Into Fashion Week?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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For a fashion lover attending fashion week is akin to a football fanatic getting to see the Superbowl in person. Yeah, it's that serious. The difference is that anyone with enough cash get get a ticket to the big game. On the otherhand, fashion shows are by invitation only. Still, in recent years the advent of the internet and the booming blogosphere has loosened the velvet ropes enough that lowly commoners have a (slim) shot at getting into the shows. Here are few ways that you might finagle your way into the suprisingly unglamourous world that is a fashion show.

Register as Press

New York Fashion Week is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz and the event's official site makes that very clear. Accordingly, realize that this is a commercial endeavor and there will be money changing hands. Head on over to and be prepared to fork over 80 bucks. Obviously, you should have some sort of media affiliation - even if it's just a blog. That's right, bloggers are in the mix now. A well established blog with a steady audience is most likely to be noticed and invited, but you never know. Note that registering does NOT guarantee entry into ANY show. However, the list will be distributed and may fall into the hands of a show that's in need of warm bodies to fill seats. It might not (and by might, I mean won't) be Marc Jacobs, but it'll be someone making a decent effort. Hey, you gotta start somewhere and you might even luck out and discover some great new fashion talent.

Solicit Invites

You never know until you ask. The fashion world often comes across as snooty and exclusive and, well, let's be honest, it often is. But you'd be surprised at what you can get if you simply ask... just don't be afraid of rejection. Go to designers web sites and look up contact info emails and phone numbers. Call with or send polite messages inquiring about invites. Even informal channels like Twitter and Facebook are good ways to get in touch with the appropriate folks. In fact, these social media accounts are often adminstered by PR representatives, who are exactly the people you need to chat with to get that golden ticket.

Win a Contest

Okay, this might sound like silly advice, but it's truly sound! As fashion week opens up and brands and companies start using web tools more for marketing, there are more and more opportunities to win a fashion week experience. Many of them involve creating fantasy outfits and wishlists online - activities which most fashionophiles love to do anyway! Here are a few sites that are currently running contests for fashion week trips and tickets:

Good luck!

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Q: How To Get Into Fashion Week?
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