Attic Ventilation

Updated: 9/27/2023
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In home attic ventilation is very important for several reasons. Excess heat that builds up in the summer can cause energy costs to rise as well as excess cool temperatures in the winter. With attic ventilation, the air can be equalized to better reduce energy costs. Attics can reach a temperature of 140 to 170 degrees in the summer time and can make energy costs soar. If you have poor ceiling insulation in your home, then the heat movement can account for more than 40 percent of the cooling costs. There are many types of attic ventilation. Some of them include wind assisted ventilators, power ventilators or gravity ventilators. Whatever method is used, it is to provide ventilation for proper moisture and temperature. Natural ventilation is the most energy efficient and most common method used. The wind in the home creates a high and low pressure and the ventilation occurs when the air is heated. Wind pressure ventilation has to have a small vent area to get the same results. The low and high pressure changes with wind direction makes it difficult to locate outlets for the ventilation to take place no matter what the wind direction. Natural ventilation is caused when a chimney is present. It is the most economical ventilation. Depending on the opening size determines the quantity of ventilation as well as the temperature and wind. Power ventilation is done one of two ways. Homes that are not air conditioned are controlled by attic fans. These are typically found in the older model homes. They can be very energy sufficient when lowering energy costs. Power ventilation is when the air from the outside is pulled in through the windows and released through the attic; however, the power ventilators can provide ventilation even when there is no wind present. They can also provide temperature control when used simultaneously with a thermostat. Power ventilators are also a great way to bring fresh outside air into the home.

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Q: Attic Ventilation
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Which direction does the air flow out of an attic ventilation fan Out of the attic or brings air into the attic?

The air moved by an attic ventilation fan blows out, sucking in fresh cooler air through the intake vents, commonly around the eaves or overhangs of the attic.

How to fix a roof that has mold in the attic?

Not sure about ridding it of the existing mold, but the conditions which caused it can usually be remedied with adequate attic ventilation. Call an experienced roofer or contractor or have your attic ventilation system inspected.

Why is it important to have proper attic ventilation?

Proper attic ventilation help reduce energy bills and extends the life of the roof. Temperature can be lost through the attic if not ventilated properly. Ventilation can also help keep homes safe and free from any structural damages.

Proper Attic Ventilation 101?

Home attic ventilation is a necessity for every home. There are 2 main reasons why attic ventilation is a must. Heat accumulation and moisture damage are issues that can hinder homeowners depending on the season. Heat Accumulation During the warm and hot months, heat accumulates in the attic. When Summer is at it’s peak and temperatures near 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the attic can reach over 150 degrees. If a home has poorly insulated ceilings, the air conditioner spends more time running than necessary. This can really affect the electric bills. Adding attic ventilation can reduce the temperature of the attic to only 5-10 degrees above the outside heat temperature. This greatly reduces the demand on your air conditioner. The affect is lower electric bills. Attic ventilation helps hot air to escape the attic. Without proper ventilation, hot air is trapped in the attic. Ventilation gives hot air a means to get out of the attic. Moisture Damage Winter brings cold, damp days. The moisture gets trapped in the rafters and attic space. Without ventilation, the moisture builds up in the attic, which can lead to damage. Moisture speeds up deterioration of insulation and other materials found in the attic. In addition to the deterioration, you can wind up with a serious mold issue. Anytime you have to get mold removal services, you are talking high expense. Ventilation enables fresh air to clear out moisture and prevent it from building up. Types of Ventilation There are a few different types of ventilation. Natural vents allow nature to do it’s job of providing fresh air and pushing out heat and moisture. Attic fans can be a great ventilation tool. Attic fans can be electric and solar. The cost of running electric fans are still cheaper than the cost of heat and moisture remaining in your attic. Solar fans are economical because you purchase them, install them and the costs are over, while the benefits continue. Attic heat and moisture can cause unwanted expenses for home owners. The simplest solution is proper attic ventilation. Home owners have a number of choices in ventilation options. No matter what choice for ventilation a home owner chooses, ventilation is a necessity to lower electric bills and prevent moisture damage.

How can I insure that I have proper attic ventilation?

The Federal Housing Administration recommends that you have at least one square foot of attic ventilation for every 300 feet of attic space. You can find out if you have enough by figuring out how many square feet you have in your attic and then figure out the lineal feet that your exhaust fan puts out.

What can Broan parts be used for?

Broan parts can be used for ventilation in houses - they sell bath and shower ventilation systems, range hood ventilation parts, attic ventilation, heaters, and also parts for trash compaction systems.

When installing hardiplank should you close the gabels?

As long as you have adequate ventilation elsewhere in the attic

How do you get moth ball smell out of attic We put moth balls in attic to get rid of squirrels but now are dealing with moth ball smell.?

It will take ventilation and time.

When light and ventilation are needed for attic space a what is framed into the roof?

Depends how much weed your growing.

Recommended amount of attic ventilation with a good vapor barrier?

I believe it's 1/300

What can I do make sure I have proper attic ventilation, and what are different types of ventilation systems?

I would recommend putting in roof vents. We have this same problem with our attic and we have put in roof vents and also insulated it so that we can keep the heat down throughout the rest of the house.

How many square feet per fan is required for ventilation of an attic in a residential house?

In order to determine that, you must multiply the length of attic (in feet) times width of attic (in feet). You will need about one square foot of ventilation for every 150 square feet that you have in your attic. Different exhaust fans provide different footage of coverage area. You will need to find one that has the most coverage so that you don't have to buy as many.