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Q: Your iron levels are 244 is this to high?
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What are routine tests with high ferritin levels?

Routine tests with high ferritin levels can be an indication of an iron storage disorder. One such disorder is hemochromatosis. This is a genetic disorder that results in iron-overload in the body.

Why is there red sand in Africa?

It is due to the high levels of iron oxide. The higher the levels, the more red the sand.

What can cause high iron blood levels in a person?

One of the most common causes for high iron in the blood is a genetic condition called Hemachromatosis. Taking too many iron supplements can also be a common cause of high blood levels.

Rocks that have high levels of iron and magnesium are called?

Igneous rocks with high iron and magnesium content are known as mafic. This word comes from the combination of the "Ma" for magnesium and Fe for iron, MaFe, Mafic

What physical processes have led to the creation of stone and iron meteorites carbonaceous chondrite asteroids?

Carbonaceous chondrites are very low in iron, which is different than meteorites which have a high iron content. Stone meteorites also have high levels of iron in them.

How can iron levels be corrected?

If your iron levels are too low, then eat foods that contain iron and take iron supplements. If you cannot correct low iron by diet alone, you should see a doctor. You certainly want to see a doctor if your low iron levels are accompanied by dark urine or black and tarry fecal matter. Those symptoms could indicate internal bleeding which could be caused by ulcers, internal injuries, or cancer, among other serious things. If your iron levels are too high, then stop any iron supplements and remove some foods with high levels of iron from your diet. If you have a disease like hemochromatosis that causes you to have excessive iron levels, then chelating drugs, frequent blood donations, or phlebotomy (bloodletting) may be required. Your doctor should tell you what to do in that case. Women of childbearing age rarely have excessive iron levels unless they overdose on supplements, since menstruation removes blood from their systems.

What is the significance of iron to health?

Iron is an essential trace element; it is necessary for the formation of red blood cells and certain enzymes. At the other extreme, high levels of iron can be poisonous.

Breastmilk does not contain high levels of iron. Why then do breastfed babies not become anemic?

full term babies have an iron store that lasts about 6 months.

Why does your inground gunite pool keep showing high levels of iron?

That can only be because of the source of your water.

What are causes of low iron and high sugar levels in a 55 year old man?

Most commonly diet.

How high are aircraft carriers?

244 feet tall

Which planet is named the red planet?

Mars is nicknamed the Red Planet because of the high levels of iron oxide on the surface of the planet. Iron Oxide is also known as rust.