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The next door neighbor can file a claim and it will be covered under wind damage. However, it is more than likely his deductible will be higher than the expense to repair the damaged shingles. A small claims suit would likely go to the neighbor who was damaged. If the offending home had insurance the neighbor could file a liability claim and possibly receive damages.

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Q: Your house has no insurance some roof tiles brew off and damaged next door can your neughbouor clain on his insurance and who pays?
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What if there is no homeowners insurance and the house is taken by a tornado?

If you had no insurance then you're out of luck. You'll just have to buy a new house or try to rebuild or repair the one that was damaged by the tornado.

Will homeowners insurance cover damaged tile from the foundation setteling?

No, that is a maintenance issue. Insurance companies don't pay for maintenance on your house.

Will homeowners cover my car if damaged?

No, That's what Auto Insurance is for. Unless maybe your house fell on your car.

What does homeowner's insurance pay for in case of damage to your house and its contents?

Rebuilding the house and buying all new items to replace those damaged

Does property insurance cover damages caused by a tree falling on my house?

Definetely you can claim for the damages caused by the tree falling on your house. The Insurance companies cover these damages under the property insurance. Just you have provide the photos of the damaged house aas an evidence to claim your money.

Who pays for a house damaged by a fallen tree?

Your Home Insurance company will cover the damages. Nobody is liable for an act of Nature.

What are the benefits of an unoccupied house insurance?

Unoccupied house insurance provides a level of protection against losses/damaged caused by either natural disasters as well as acts of man-made vandalism that may take place.

If you sell your fire damaged home prior to the payment of the insurance claim are you still entitled to the insurance money?

Or nothing at all. You owned the house at the time of the fire. It was YOUR property that was damaged, and you owned fire insurance to cover yourself against a loss from fire. When you sold your fire-damaged home, you took a hit on the sale price: you didn't get as much as you would have had the house been perfect. You are entitled to whatever the claim adjuster estimated the cost of the repair would be.

Will insurance cover the cost to replace the carpet throughout your house if the majority of it was damaged from an accident And you have the same carpet throughout now.?

No. If your carpet was damaged by a covered peril. Your insurance policy is only responsible for repair or replacement of the damaged part with like kind and quality. Their is no coverage for cosmetic aesthetics or exact match issues.

Do you have to have homeowners insurance?

If you own the home, with no mortgage on it, no, you do not have to have insurance. That said, it is very ill advised to not have insurance. When buying a home, insurance is generally required so that in case of any loss, the financial institution that holds the mortgage note is protected from loss should the house be damaged or destroyed.

Can your insurance company force you to allow them to pick up damaged patio cover?

An insurance company covers damage to the property if you bought a Homeowners Insurance Policy. They cannot force you to do anything except to pay for the coverage. A landlord of a house you live in, or a condo association can force you to pick up damaged patio cover because it is unsightly and ruins the look of the Condo. Read the Association Laws.

Are facia boards covered by house insurance?

If they are damaged by a covered cause then yes. I believe you are referring to damage caused by lack of maintenance and in that case they are not covered. It is specifically your responsibility to maintain the home and homeowners insurance is not designed to do this. If you have a fire or a tornado rips off your roof then the facia boards are covered along with other items damaged.