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Yes. You had a deal with the car company - you agreed to trade your money for their car. Then, when the car had become your responsibility it got stolen. The fact that you no longer have the car doesn't change what you had agreed with the company.

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Q: Your car was stolen you had to buy another car can the tote the note lot where you bought the first car sue you for the remaining balance?
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Go back to the store where you bought it.

If your car was stolen and you have already bought a new vehicle will you still owe on it if you report it to the bank?

WHEN your car was stolen or how many other cars you have bought doesnt really matter to the bank. You will pay the balance due on the contract one way or the other. good Luck Having the car stolen doesn't matter. Loans are issued by banks--not insurance companies. You are responsible for all loans to the penny. In your case, your only recourse is if you had comprehensive insurance...

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unless you knew it was stolen you are OK. There must be knowledge that you knew it was stolen to procecute you

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I you consult that bike to the nearest police station and you will find out that your bike is stolen or not.

What is the difference between Possession of Stolen Property and Receiving Stolen Property?

Possession means that you have the property, chances are you knew it was stolen. Receiving Stolen Property means that you got it and you knew it was stolen. Typically this would be the person that bought it from a thief.

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If your voice is not train to the GPS

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that means u just bought a stolen car.

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If you get an auto loan from the bank do you need full coverage?

Yeah. You need to protect their investment until you pay them off. If you don't have full cverage; you alone are assuming the full responsibility for the remaining balance if the car is totaed; stolen; or otherwise becomes undrivable because of an accident.