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The car which is driving straight into the parking lot has the right of entery into the parking space. When you are backing out your vehicle than you need to make sure that there is no vehicle which is comming in and whether it is safe. If you have already backed out more than 50%, than the car comming in should wait till you clear out .

As per the state prevalant laws it would differ from state to state. However, each one will have to claim for the damage of the vehicle under your own policy and if there is any bodily injury than you can sue the opposite driver. However, the award for property damage and injury would be paid in porpotion to the fault fixed.

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Q: Your car was hit while backing out of parking space?
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Who is at fault when someone backs up in a parking lot to let another car out of parking space and ends up hitting a car behind who is backing out of a parking space?

Depends on the jurisdiction, but typically, two vehicles backing up is a 50/50.

Who is at fault if a car is backing out of a parking space and a car cutting through the parking lot to avoid traffic gets hit?

The driver backing up. Unless you can prove the other car was driving unsafly.

If a car is backing into a parking space and collides with the car that behind it that is motionless and has nowhere to go who is at fault?

The car that is in motion is ALWAYS at fault.

Who is at fault when you are backing out of a parking lot space and the other car is in a red zone?

If you are driving the backing car, no matter WHERE the other cas is located, YOU are the one at fault if you collide with it.

Who fault if person backing out of a parking space and hits a car driving the wrong way in a car park?

If the person backing out of the space had not seen a pedestrian walking the "wrong way" it would be the fault of the driver of the car backing out....... So it is the fault of the person backing out. They did not look to make sure it was safe to do so.

If you were parked in a parking space and you back out of your spot and while you are still backing out of it another car backs into you That is their fault right?

Generally, the person backing out is at fault. If you are both backing out you're probably both at fault and will probably share the cost of repair, with each repairing their own. yes because you were backing out and they hit your car its their fault!!!!!!! yes because you were backing out and they hit your car its their fault!!!!!!!

Who is at fault if you are hit by a car that is backing out of a parking spot while you are leaving the parking lot going the wrong way?

Your mum, Steve.

Who is at fault if car number one has pulled out of the parking space and is driving down the lane but the wrong way when car number two backs out from their parking space and hits car number one?

In general, the driver who is backing is considered to be at fault.

Are you liable for the damage to a car in the no parking zone when backing out of a legal parking space?

If you back into somthing its your fault regardless of whether it was parked improperly or not. You were suposed to be looking

Why does my car jerk while backing up?

check your parking brake or check the ring and pinion in the rear end

Backing out of a parking space and hit a car whos at fault?

the person who crashed into you, because that person was supposed to have yield to let you pass

When both drivers are backing out of space across from each other?

when i started backing up i was just two feet into the parking lot when some other car honked and the car backing out on the other side proceeded out into the lot because she said she had perission to keep going