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Go to a shop that wont rip you off. Seems highly unlikely it's a linkage problem.

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Q: Your Nissan 300 TT Auto wont select 3rd and 4th gears any suggestions?
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Why would your Nissan altima 97 auto transmission be shifting gears too early?

If the 1997 Nissan Altima with an automatic transmission is shifting gears too early, it could be that the shift solenoid for the transmission is faulty. Both the shift solenoid and the speed sensor on the transmission should be checked.

Nissan auto transmission no drive or reverse?

it it most likely the torque converter this is the link between the engine and transmission if this is damaged the gears will not spin. hope this helps

Why is your auto trans only working if you go through the gears?

Gears is what transmission is for. No gears. No transmission!

Where can one find deals on a used Nissan Murano?

You can find really good deals on a used Nissan Murano on the Auto Trader website. Just select the state or your zip code you are in and they will give you a list of the used Nissan Muranos in your area for sale.

Is gears of halo theft auto 5 real?

Are you stupid? of course it's not!! Gears of...War---Halo...3---Grand...Theft Auto. Who told you it was real!?

Nissan Auto Parts ?

form_title= Nissan Auto Parts form_header= Ensure your Nissan is running smoothly with new auto parts. Does your car have standard Nissan parts?*= () Yes () No What problems do you notice with your Nissan?*= _ [50] When was the last time your car was in for a tune up?*= _ [50]

How many gears has the 2.liter auto VW sharan have?

Mine is a 1997 model. It has 4 gears.

Ford galaxy auto will not go into drive?

Possibly a problem with the brake light switch It is linked to the gear selector If the switch is faulty you cannot select gears Make sure the brake lights are working

What is the power button with auto and E-AT used for on a 1994 Nissan Pathfinder?

it took a while for me to figure this one out... its used under heavy acceleration, keeps the tranny in the lower gears to give you more power when your in a hurry. saves you gas too because your not trying to push the pedal harder to get more speed... works very well, i use it all the time EDIT: NO DO NOT USE IT ON AUTO!! USE IT IN THE MIDDLE BUTTON, AUTO IS FOR HILL CLIMBING WHERE YOUR GEARS DON'T DROP, POWER IS FOR WHEN YOU WANT IT TO PUSH THE REVS! USE IT ON AUTO CONTINUOUSLY AND IT WILL KILL YOUR AUTO BOX! -Evan

Why does my 1994 Nissan Pathfinder 4 wheel drive auto hub makes grinding noise after shifting from reverse to drive automatic transmission?

The transmission on the 1994 Nissan Pathfinder may need to have a fluid flush. Dirty fluid will cause the gears to shift hard when transitioning from place to place.

Why wont gears change in 1995 Chevy cavalier?

Auto or standard?

How many gears in an auto transmission Mazda 626 V6?