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Q: Your 700r4 shifts hard in 1st and 2nd gear when engine is cold?
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Why does your 99 Chevy blazers transmission heistate when it shifts from first to second gear when engine is cold?

Sounds like the front pump in the transmission is tired.

I have a 700r4 transmission and in drive it shifts from 1st to 2nd but then into neutral know what's wrong?

It's not shifting into neutral, the 3rd gear "drive" band is slipping. Time for rebuild.

What transmission works in an 88 Trans Am?

if its the GTA with the 5.7, the 700R4 is, in my opinion, the best transmission out there.mine is amazing, shifts on a dime, has a low first gear, and really runs great with the 5.7

Shift lever will not lock into a gear?

700r4 gear shift lever want lock in place

Toyota Avalon automatic will not shift to third gear when cold?

Are you sure that it's third it's not shifting into, and not fourth? The transmission is designed to not permit shifts into fourth (overdrive) until the engine and transmission have warmed up a bit.

Why wont your 700r4 transmission shift into reverse?

the sunshell gear is stripped out

What is the difference in a TH 350 and 700r4?

Th350 is a three speed transmission, where as the 700r4 is a four speed automatic fourth gear being an overdrive.

Your 98 gmc 4x4 shifts fine when cold only gets 3rd gear when hot any ideas?

Have the fluid and filter changed

What makes a 700r4 transmission go from 2nd gear to lockup on a 1988 corvette?

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My 1995 Camry will not shift into 3rd gear when cold is this normal?

My 95 Corolla also has trouble shifting into third gear when the weather is cold. It may take 2-3 minutes on the highway before it finally shifts into third gear. It has 125k miles on it but has been occurring at least for the last 5k miles.

Why does your engine rev when it shifts gears?

in an automatic transmission when it shifts the belts that hold the planetary gears that control the gear ratios grab the next gear before it releases the previous gear. while the transmission is in two gears at once the engine doesn't provide the power to the transmission so with the lack of tension on the motor it allows it to build up speed before it slows back down when the transmission releases the lower gear What about a manual transmission? Is it normal for it to still do this same thing?

700R4 transmission has 1st and 2nd gear but won't shift into drive or overdrive?

you have burnt out the 3rd. gear and overdrive. you will have to have it rebuilt or replaced.