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to me that sounds like worms. not to scare you or anything but i would go to the doctor right away even thought it may be embarressing. and also . if your faeces are bloody go or call doctor immediately .

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Q: You have normal feces with white stringy things what is this?
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Does your discharge have to be white or can it be clear?

It doesn't have to be white, it can be clear and that's normal. Discharge maybe white, stringy, clear, cloudy white and/or yellow when dried on clothing.

What could be the reason your dog is pooping white stringy things?

could be worms, or perhaps a liver problem.

WHAT ARE White specks in urine?

If you have no other issues, it is normal to have little white specks, and/or a stringy white discharge in your urine. Fat deposits (tiny white lumpy things) are normal. Urinating is a means of discharging waste from the body, and all of the above is common.

What is the white stringy stuff that comes out when you urinate?

You shouldn't have white stringy stuff come out of your penis when you urinate. Men have white stringy stuff come our of their penis when they ejaculate, but that is completely different than urination. If you are having white stuff come out of your penis when you urinate, you should see your doctor to get it checked out. They can figure out what is wrong and fix it. If you let an infection there go out of control for too long, it can cause some serious effects.

What is the physical appearance of the entire set of chromosomes of a given animal?

White stringy mush.

Are a polar bear's feces white?

No. It is more like the color of human feces and that of other mammals.

White dog feces?

It can be white and this can be caused by diet changes medication etc.

What is wrong with my goldfish with large red spot on belly and stringy white feces?

The big red spot on the stomach of your fish is probably an ulcer: bacterial infection that took place after a parasite made a wound there. White feces usually indicates parasites also. I'd recommend treating the tank with a .3% salt concentration, treating the tank with an antiparasitic medication (to kill off the parasites) and start feeding the fish an antibacterial medicated food to kill off the bacteria that are causing the ulcer.

What could be wrong if you have white feces?

you aren't eating enough.

I just got my period and I have these stringy stuff. Not the usual white stuff. Is this normal?

yes its completely normal don't worry about i just got my period to and trust me it is going to be WERID but us girls have to deal with it message me if you need any you know girl help ;) wait your like first firts period?

Why is bird poop black with white dot?

Birds do not urinate as people do. Their urine is excreted with their feces. Their feces is actually brownish-black in color and the white you see mixed in with it is the "urine", which is actually very concentrated urea, not urine itself. Also, usually the bird feces can be white with a black spot or dot, not the other way around.

When you are drowsy is it normal for things around you to turn black and white?

No, go see a doctor immediately!