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Probably pregnant, go get another test or go to your doctor to get a blood test.

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Q: You have missed your period and you took a prego test but it was a light positive what does that mean?
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Is their anyway to know your pregnant before your missed period?

ima have to guess a prego test. like ones youd get at da market. get couple just for procaution

What happened period not have?

Prego happen

What will cause an irregular period?

Your Prego....maybe?!?!

I had sex unprotected sex 2 mouths ago and been getting my period but the next mouth i did'nt?

get ah prego testt , you can have your first period , i know people that had there next 2 periods but was prego.

You missed one day of birth control and the next day you started bleeding but you took 2 pills?

yupp ure prego

I have been taking femulen for 3 weeks i took Sundays and had intercourse also had intercourse monday but missed mondays pill could i be pregnant?

Miss 1 pill and u could be prego. Miss 1 pill and u could be prego.

Can you get a positive prego test and be going threw menapause?

Yes. Until menopause is finished there is a risk for pregnancy.

How far into pregnancy would a test show you are pregnant?

i was always told you will know when your pregnant, and it was about 6 days before i was even supposed to miss my period and i just had a feeling so i took a home preg. test, knowing it was too early, and it came back positive, with a very very faint line. about 3 weeks later i took another and it was clearly positive so i went to the dr and am 9 weeks pregnant now. so i believe it can be up to a week b4 u miss your period for some people, maybe not all. but if its coming up positive, you probably are prego

In breaking dawn does edward want Bella to have a child?

psht!! ha! he didnt even know he could get her prego! that was a good one.. the had sex Bella missed her period Eddie went into shock she decided to keep the bby so Eddie just did as she wished :]

What rhymes with prego?

prego my ego

You are ten weeks late and you are getting period pain but no period?

I'm ten weeks late and I'm getting period pain but no period, there not regular yet but there never this late could i be prego?

What are seven reasons for birth control?

prevent you from getting prego regulate your period make your period lighter stops cramps helps control hormones