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I think it very much depends... if your in the first 2 years of your period I guess it's normal because your cycle won't come exacly at the same time every month. It might be another few months until you get the next one. I'd probably suggest seeing a doctor if your older and had your period for years.

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Q: You had your period a week ago and have now started again is that normal?
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I started my period on Saturday and then started my first pack on Sunday the next day Am I suppose to be on my period again during the inactive days of the pill?

Yes. When you stop the hormone after week 3, your body will have a period again.

Last month your period was late When you finally got it you had a period for about 4-5 days then you were done like normal then about a week later you started again then you stopped again after 4 or 5?

if you are young it is naural you and your body is just starting. you shouldn't be worried but if i was you i would keep and eye on it, adventually it will go back to normal

Is it normal for a period to last a week and a half?

My girlfriend was late on her period by almost a week, this frightened us a little because we thought she might have been pregnant, and we were not ready to have a baby together. Then she started again. We believe one of the reasons was she wasn't drinking enough water compared to the physical labor she was doing outside in the heat.

If you stop eating for a week then start again how long will it take you metabolism to return to normal again?

It'll take about 2 or so weeks for it to return to normal. Exercising can help speed it up to about a 1-week recovery period, though.

Is it normal if you haven't started your period when you are on the 4th pill of the last week?

Well sorry but you might be pregnant or just get medical help noww!!!

What does it mean if you start your period a week early?

There is not a problem if you start your period a week early. It is completely normal for this to happen.

Is it normal to spot a week and a half after your last period if your on bc?

No this isn't normal.

What does it mean having a period for a whole week?

Normal !

What happens if i gad sex and i didnt get my period the week i was suppose to but then started bleeding the next week?

Your period was just probally late, if you where pregnant you would not of started at all.

Is it normal if your period begins and it is normal then it stops and gets light then begins again when it should be over?

Your actual period should last no longer than 6-7 days. (a week). During this time it can start, stop, be heavy, light...etc.

What does it mean if you bleed again about a week after you end your period?

Honey, it's called a spotting. It's completely normal. If you have had sex, it's possible you may be pregnant.

Is it normal to have a spot after sex a week before period?