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It sounds like a lemon...let it go. You have a chance to regroup--save money, buy a better car in the future, with cash.

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Q: You had your car 2 months and was 6 days late it was repoed it was broke down half the time they added 500 dollars to the payment if you wanted it back and gave you 7 days before they sell it what do?
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How late can you be before a car is repoed?

3 months

Can a vehicle be repossessed because the payment is 15 days late after 4 years of payments and only 3000 dollars owed?

If you are in DEFAULT of the contract, the collateral can be repoed.

Can a repoed auto be sold for just what is owed if it is worth much more?

A repoed auto is usually sold far below its retail value. If you have a chance to sell it yourself and pay off the loan before it is repoed you will be dollars ahead, even if you lose money on the deal.

How long do you have without making a payment before they pick up the car?

0 days--It is at the companies discretion..there is no law stating a vehicle has to be a certain number of days before it can be repoed

If a car is repoed can they repo your new car?

If you aren't paying for that car's payments then yes. The only reason why your car should be repoed it because the payments aren't being made on it. It doesnt matter if your car is from the 1940's or if you brought the car last month, the car can be repoed if you dont pay the payment for 2 or more months (consult dealership for it's repo rules).

Can a car get repoed for no reason?

only if ou dont pay your payment or your financing falls through

Can your car be repossessed if the payment is two weeks late?

READ your contract. If you are in DEFAULT of the terms, you can get repoed.

Can repo men your other car to get to the other car?

I missed my payment on my jeep and they repoed my other car. Can they do that

How will filing for bankruptcy help before your car is repoed and if you are not able to file in time how soon will they garnish your wages in Ohio?

"How will filing for bankruptcy help before your car is repoed? As soon as the B/K is filed, an AUTOMATIC STAY is in force. lenders must stop ALL collection efforts. If your not able to file for bankruptcy before being repoed how long will it take for them to garnish your wages in Ohio. ": That will depend on how quickly the lender files the paperwork, the court gets to it,ect. Guesstimate?? 1-6 months.

How late on payments do you have to be before your car can be repoed in Arizona?

Depends on your finance agreement. Most say that after you miss a payment it can be repo'd. There really is no state mandated time limit before repossession can occur. Best thing to do is make your payments and that way you don't have to worry about it.

If you have not made a payment for 9 months and told the lender to come and get the car but they haven't is it illegal for you to drive the car?

NO, its not illegal. If you really want the car repoed, take it back to the lender and leave it in their parking lot. It is costing you HIGH interest and late charges to keep driving the car. Good Luck

What can be done in IL if the repossession agent has destroyed your ignition but denies it?

First, get some sort of proof that it was NOT destroyed before it was repoed, call the lender who had it repoed and askk for repairs to it. If they refuse, call a local attorney.