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As long as you didn't have sex during your period or in the two days after, before you had the injection, you are covered. The hormones are already in your system, stopping you ovulating and therefore getting pregnant. Enjoy yourself!

I would like to add, for anyone else who is reading this answer, that relying on the depo shot is a great way to stop getting pregnant, but it should only be considered as a primary contraceptive if you are in a long term, stable relationship with someone who has tested negative for STIs. The only reliable method of protecting yourself from pregnancy AND disease is still the condom. Feel free to get the shot as a back up method, but always use a condom unless you know both you and your fella are clear of STIs.

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Q: You got your first depo shot 2 days after you ended your period how long before is affective and you can have unprotected sex?
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Yes. The pull out method is a myth. There is sperm in the fluid that comes out before an orgasm, as early as the first arousal. Also, not all women are the same when it comes to her period. Some have multiple periods in the same month, several days where it stops and begins agian, multiple egg release, etc. Its not safe to assume you won't get pregnant the day after a period.

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