You forgot to take your pill?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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looks like someone forgot their meds :D

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Q: You forgot to take your pill?
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What do you do if you forgot to take the pill for 2 days?

Take the missed pills

What you forget to take the pill?

If you forgot to take your normal birth control pill then this is a good time to take the MAP if you had unprotected sex.

When the man sperms up a woman can you take the pill after?

Yes if you are on the pill and forgot it that morning you can take it after. If you are not on the pill you can get the morning after pill up to 3-5 days after. Take a pregnancy test 2 weeks after.

Forgot to take pill after break?

Hi, Take the pill as soon as you remember but use a back-up method of protection - a condom for 7 days.

You forgot to take a sugar pill what do you do?

If you forgot to take a sugar pill in your birth control pack, it generally does not affect the effectiveness of the birth control. Just continue taking the next pill as scheduled. If you are unsure or have concerns, consult your healthcare provider for further guidance.

Can you get pregnant if a guy sperms on your jeans a little and it goes through and you also forgot to take your pill that day?


You are on the pill but your period is 4 days late.?

i am taking Cilest but forgot to take one pill on the day 13 and now late 4 days in my free week

If I Missed my birth control pill one day took that missed pill the next morning but forgot to take again that night can you get pregnant?

No. It is only a problem if you forget to take your pill more than twice. Though if you have a problem remembering to take your pill you should think about taking another type of birth control.

What if you forget to take your birth control pill?

If you forget to take your birth control pill, don't take two to make up for the one you forgot! Start fresh the next day. Try to take them at the same time everyday also. Your less likely to spot bleed or start spotting when you forget your pill.

Would it be all right to take the pill if you missed two in a row and on your third day remember?

no it would not be alright if you forget just take one pill EX: your supposed to take one pill everyday but you forgot two days and you remembered the third day you souldn't take 3 pills the day you remembered just take one or what you normally take.

What if you take your birth control pill 30 minutes late?

I forgot for 5 hours one time and freaked out...the pharmacist laughed at me.

Does it matter if you forgot your pill for one day?

Simple, this is why no contraception is 100% effective! The chance of becoming pregnant after missing ONE pill in a packet is extremely small. Just take it as soon as you remember.