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I would look at your meal intake. The fasting is too high, and it is what mine was before i was moved up to 5mg twice a day. At 5 mg, you should have trouble keeping blood sugar up, not down. It is not safe for baby, especially the closer to birth you get - it can cause blindness, kidney difficulties, jaundice, Diabetes, and rarely still birth. It's hard - believe me I know - to change eating habits, but it's temporary, and you'll feel good. Also, remember that Glyburide can lose it's effectiveness after a period, and the further you get into pregnancy, the harder your blood sugar will be to control. They won't put you on more than 20 mg daily, but they may add insulin to your regimen - diet control and exercise are your best options - and lots of water! It's supereffective at lowering blood sugar.

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Q: You are used to have Glyburide 5 mg two times a day but still your test is fasting 101 and post meal 134 is it safe for baby?
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