You are 16 will you get taller?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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no u cant grow past 16, you actually get smaller. my dads a bone doctor he told me, its over, no more growning for you. suckerrr!

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Q: You are 16 will you get taller?
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What are the ways of getting taller at the age of 16?

only God can make you get taller! Loving your size is all you can do!

If you are 16 and already taller than your parents can you grow taller?

It depends upon genetics. Some people will grow again taller and some will stop growing.

Can i grow taller before 16?

yes. everyone grows taller every year unless there's something seriously wrong.

If you are a 5' 4 16-year-old can you grow any taller?

I don't think you can make yourself taller. I am 20 and only 5' 2!

Son is 6'1'' and 16 years old how much taller will he be?

Around 6ft2

Which is bigger 16 feet tall or 6 inches tall?

16 feet taller is bigger than 6 inches tall.

Is 16 hands short for a horse?

No, 16 hands is one of the taller riding horses. Short for a horse would be 14.2, which is pony size.

Is 5'5 bad for a 16 year old boy?

On the shorter side but you will probably get a little taller.

What are the Difference between 16 and 17 inch tires?

the 16 and 17 refer to the tires diameter hence a 17 is one inch taller than a 16 inch tire

Is the sears tower taller than the world trade center in new york?

The Sears Tower was taller than both of the twin towers. Although the new world trade center will be taller. The Sears Tower was renamed Willis Tower on July 16, 2009.

Who is the tallest 16 year old boy?

i know of this van ness kid. he is 16 and is 6'9. i cannot think of any one taller. i am 16 and 6'7 so i hope i can beat him

Average height for 16 yr old female?

5'3" to 5'5"