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If a claim is made against his insurance...yes.

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Q: Would the insurance premium of the car owner increase if he was not the actual driver at the time of an accident?
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How does Vehicle camera help you in a car accident?

It records the actual accident. The recorded video can be used as a backup claim or evidence for insurance purposes or in court.

What to do if Car totaled and no collision insurance?

If the accident was your fault you're out of luck. If you were hit by someone, their insurance will total your car and pay you for its actual cash value.

How much does insurance go up if you get a learner's permit?

In the United States, insurance goes up about 13 percent once a child gets a learner's permit. However, it generally depends on your actual insurance company and their premium policies.

When driving with a learner's permit and involved in an accident whose record does the accident go on?

The actual driver. Unfortunately, if the driver is your kid, and you're adding your kid to your insurance policy, it could affect your rates.

How do deductibles work for health insurance?

A deductible is the amount of your actual, billed health care costs that you must pay before the insurance will kick in. Your premium does not count towards your deductible. The higher your deductible, the more you have to pay before your insurance will start to cover your bills.

What are insurance guidelines for totalling a truck after accident?

If the repair cost is higher that the ACV (actual cash value) of the vehicle, then, the vehicle is declared total loss. That is pretty much the only guideline used by Insurance co.

How much do insurance comany pay for pain and suffering?

Insurance company is required to pay for actual damages. This means putting you back to where you were before the accident, not hitting the lottery to get something for nothing. There is no pain and suffering amounts.

Health Insurance Plans: Cost Basics?

Health insurance plans have three main components: the premium, the deductible and the co-insurance. The premium is the money that you pay each month to be covered by the health plan. This is the only part of the plan that is paid whether you use your insurance or not. The deductible is the amount of money you have to pay out of pocket each year, before your insurance company will begin picking up part of the bill. The co-insurance is the portion of the bill that you are required to cover after the deductible has been reached. These companies together make up your actual cost of health insurance.

Is the owner of a car liable if the person driving has a fatal accident?

Yes, he is liable if the person driving has a fatal accident. His insurance allows him to cover people that drive his car with his permission. If that person wrecks his car and dies, the insurance would pay the funeral expenses and give the actual cash value for the car minus the deductible.

What is best description of term insurance?

Term life is a kind of life insurance that remains in force for the amount of time (the "term") stated in the policy. At the end of the term, coverage of the policy ends. In its usual form, term insurance does not accumulate cash value, like whole life insurance. Cash value can be likened to a "savings account" within the policy into which a small part of every premium dollar is deposited. Unlike this, the premium for a term policy is tied more directly to the actual cost of providing the death protection. Therefore, term insurance is generally less costly than whole life insurance. purchased for a certain time period with a specific premium cost a+ ^

Why does your insurance go up if you have an accident or get a traffic ticket?

Auto insurance offers some protection against risk. The company agrees to take on your risk in exchange for your premiums, the money you pay them. There has to be an actual risk covered by the company, or there can be no legal insurance contract. Even if you don't have an accident for an entire covered period, the company was covering your risk so you obviously would get no money back for that period. The money you paid goes to the payment of claims made by other policy holders. If you get into an accident, some companies will ask you to increase what you pay in premiums because the accident [or ticket] probably indicates that the company is taking on a little more risk (there may be a higher probability that you will make a future claim) by covering you. Remember, you are paying them to accept risk on your behalf.

What are some of the benefits of Suzuki insurance?

Some of the specific benefits of this car insurance are that if you drive a Suzuki, then any repairs on your car will be done with actual Suzuki parts. Also, safety features that were originally part of the car but deployed/damaged in the accident will be restored.