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This would usually work for a person that suffers from Allergies or Asthma as it helps clean the air. They can be bought in stores such as Walmart and Target.

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Q: Would an air purifier help me breath at night?
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How can I save money on an air purifier?

If you would like to look at reviews on HEPA air purifiers a good place to start is As to the prices they seem to range between $100 and $400 on various retail sites, so a little research should help you find a quality purifier at a reasonable price.

Which air purifier will help me with my allergies the best?

Aby HEPA air purifier will be a blessing if you have allergies. Consider one that also exceeds HEPA standards.

Is it important to look for an air purifier that has an ionizer built in?

An ionizer will help to kill up to 99% of airborn germs,so it would be helpful to have.

Will installing an air purifier help to reduce the effect of my allergies to my step-daughter's cat that visits our house two times a month?

Installing an air purifier for this reason will help but you need to make sure you purchase the right one . They sell certain ones that eliminate pet dander and also have ones that eliminate the allergens in the air which would definitly help alot .

Would it be toxic to cats if they breath the fumes a few drops in boiling water?

I want to use jasmine oil on my night stand to help me sleep. I READ THAT IF YOU put about 9 drops of jasmine in a mug of boiling water and put it on your night stand it will help you sleep? Problem is my cat sleeps with me. Is it safe for my cat?

Why does air help us breathe?

Well, obviously, oxygen helps us breath as it is the thing we breath. If there was no oxygen, we wouldn't be able to breath, therefore, we would all die.

I live next door to a very "fragrant" restaurant, will buying an air purifier help to neutralize some of the smell?

An air purifier may help eliminate some of the odors going through your house but may not eliminate them completly .

How much does a honeywell air purifier cost?

The cost of a Honeywell Purifier ranges from $59.99 to $169.99. An internet search for the product will help with cost comparison in order to get the cheapest price.

How does the lung help you?

help you breath

Why you always breath in air by the help of nose?

you don't breath in air with the help of your nose the time.

Do frogs help us?

yes they help us breath in the air we breath i read about it somewhere

Why would someone be incubated for asthma?

It where they stick a tub down youre throat to help you breath.