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1st question, is it your company or one you work for? If your company leases it, it will no longer be a private auto policy so yes, the rates are different. Call your agent to find the answer.

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Q: Will your insurance rate be lower if you lease your car vs your company leasing it?
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What are the advantages of a shorter term for auto leasing?

With auto leasing the monthly payments are usually lower than they would be if you were buying the car. You can upgrade sooner, or more often with a car lease. However, you will usuually pay more interest with a lease and you will not own the car, therefore you do not generate any equity. To calculate the costs of leasing versus buying online, visit:

Should you get an auto loan or lease a car?

I think you should get an auto loan instead of leasing a car. You can get an auto loan easily at a lower interest rate and you would get a new car which would be your own . Where as in leasing a car you would get a used car and there are many other problems in leasing a car.AnswerThere are many benefits to a traditional auto loan. An auto loan is easier to understand and easier to shop for than an auto lease. The complexity of leasing makes it easier for dealers to take you for a ride. Another advantage of an auto loan over leasing is that you end up with a valuable asset that belongs to you ? the vehicle. After you have made all the payments on a traditional auto loan, you own the vehicle. In contrast, after you complete payments on an auto lease, you have to return the vehicle, lease it for an additional term, or find the money to purchase it. A traditionally financed auto loan is a fiscally more conservative approach than a lease. With the loan, you are investing in an asset; with a lease, you are not.Also, with a traditionally financed auto loan, you can set the level of body damage and liability insurance you want. A leasing company might require you to take a coverage limit or deductible level that costs more than what you would otherwise want.A big advantage of car leasing for some consumers is that you can generally arrange a lease that allows you to pay less per month for a given vehicle than you would pay with traditional financing for the same vehicle.Another advantage of a car lease over a loan is that you don't have to sell the car at the end of the lease. You can simply turn it in to the leasing company. If you know that you will want a new car after, say, three years, you can lease for that period knowing that you can easily get rid of the car at the end of the lease. You don?t have to worry what the car will be worth. In contrast, with a purchase, you have to trade in the car or sell it at whatever the market will bear.In some states, car leasing might seem to have an additional advantage: you pay taxes only on your payments, not on the full purchase price of the vehicle. That is true in the District (not in Maryland or Virginia). But this apparent advantage is generally roughly offset by the fact that the tax rate on lease payments is higher than the tax rate on a purchase. In the District, for instance, you pay a 10 percent rate on car lease payments and a six percent rate on the purchase price of an automobile.

Lease a car?

The advantages of leasing a vehicle are lower up- front costs and lower monthly payments. You can drive a more expensive vehicle for a lower cost than buying it. At the end of a 3 year lease you will have payed less than half of what a person has payed to buy the same car on a three year loan. But you own nothing, he does.

What is a company which offers cheap household insurance?

A company that offers cheap household insurance is a company that provides insurance for more household items than the average insurance company at a lower rate. An example of such a company is GEICO.

What are the advantages of leasing a Toyota vehicle?

Leasing an automobile keeps your payments a lot lower than if you just out right buy it. For example when you lease you are only paying on the depreciation of the automobile. Plus if you want you can trade automobiles every two or three years and always have a dependable ride.

Can you lease a car with a FICA score of 531?

Yes, most dealerships suggest leasing for credit challenged customers because you pay less money back to the bank and keeps your payments lower.

Can yes insurance lower my rates?

Yes Insurance can certainly help lower your insurance rate payments. This company advertises that they offer some of the lowest rates available.

Does health insurance lower the cost of HIV medicine?

This depends on the type of insurance you have. If HIV medications are covered in your insurance plan, then the cost is lower for you; the insurance company will pay for a percentage of the price of the medication.

Does the breakdown assistance program lower my insurance premium?

A breakdown assistance program can lower insurance costs if breakdown assistance is included in the premium. I suggest contacting your insurance company or providing that information here.

The Benefits of Helicopter Lease?

As a business or organization grows, it may reach a point where more advanced and convenient forms of transportation are required, such as a company jet or helicopter. However, purchasing such a machine can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are a variety of companies in operation that offer affordable helicopter leases. Helicopter leasing is a better financial decision in many cases. When you lease a helicopter instead of purchasing one, there are many financial benefits. First of all, helicopter lease allows you to avoid the large amount of money that you would need to put out in a down payment on a new helicopter. In addition, helicopter lease payments are typically much lower than the monthly payment required for the purchase of a similar machine. Also, leasing a helicopter allows your business to avoid the risk of taking ownership of an aircraft that may break down or become obsolete over time. When a helicopter that is being leased has a problem, you can simply lease a different machine instead. If you own it, however, you will either have to have it repaired or purchase a new one. When you purchase a helicopter and have to make payments, the payments are counted against your ability to borrow additional money. However, payments made on a lease have no effect on the credit limit of your business. If your business has just reached the point of needing such transportation options, you may not have the extra credit necessary to purchase a new helicopter and continue to expand your company. Another notable benefit of leasing rather than purchasing an aircraft is the fact that it is possible to also lease a crew and maintenance services with your leased helicopter. When you own a helicopter, you will be responsible for finding a crew and maintaining the aircraft yourself. This can be inconvenient and costly, especially if you must have a pilot and crew on call at all times. In addition, having a crew, maintenance, and even insurance already provided by the helicopter lease company is a lot more convenient than having to be responsible for these things yourself. Leasing a helicopter can be beneficial to your business is a variety of ways. You will be able to experience all the perks of having access to such a machine without enduring the financial hardship of owning one. In addition, leasing arrangements are more convenient, easier to exit, and will not lower your business's credit limit.

What does cure insurance cover?

Cure Auto Insurance is a not-for-profit company which offers auto insurance. They are a regular insurance company operating out of New Jersey. They offer lower rates, it is based on your driving record, and 24 hour customer service.

Is there an insurance just for women?

No, there are not. It is unlawful to have a gender specific insurance company. However, the insurance rates at most companies are much lower for females than they are for males.