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If you miss one dose of your Birth Control you become more fertile.So the answer to your question is yes if you miss a pill and have intercourse you are more likely to become pregnant.

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Q: Will you get pregnant if you forget to take your birth control one night?
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If I Missed my birth control pill one day took that missed pill the next morning but forgot to take again that night can you get pregnant?

No. It is only a problem if you forget to take your pill more than twice. Though if you have a problem remembering to take your pill you should think about taking another type of birth control.

Can you get pregnant if the night you have protected sex you don't take your birth control pill?

It's not high risk, although you could.

Can your get pregnant while on birth control and without penetration?

If you are taking your birth control properly (same time ever day/night, not missing pills, not using antibiotics, etc) and use the condom properly it is HIGHLY unlikely that you will but there is a small smidgen of possiblity that you could get pregnant.

How likely is it to be pregnant if its the first night of you're period and he pulled out?

The pullout method is the most unreliable method of birth control. Pregnancy is always a possibility - be protected.

My nuva ring came out during intercourse during the second week of use and I didn't notice it until the next night Is there a chance I could be pregnant?

As no birth control is 100%, and as it apparently didn't exist for one night, then yes, there is a chance you could be pregnant.

What is the likely hood of getting pregnant on birth control?

Birth control is 99% effective IF taken properly. This includes taking it the same time every night, not missing any PILLS, not taking anti-biotics etc. Each time you miss a pill or, are taking anti-biotics etc, your chances of becoming pregnant increases.

What is the risk of getting pregnant if you were taking ortho cyclen and you were an hour late taking a pill and had sex that night?

As long as you are not taking the birth control pills different times each day consistently, you should still be protected. The good thing is that you did not forget to completely take the pill. You were only an hour late, you are fine. However, to be sure that pregnancy does not occur, continue to take your birth control pills at the same time that you were originally taking the pills, every day at the same time.

What are your chances of getting pregnant if you missed your pill the night before but took your pill the night of having sex?

There is a low risk of being pregnant. You will need to use a condom for 14 days to build up the level of protection you are getting from birth control, before having unprotected intercourse again. Continue taking birth control daily.

Im 14 yrs old i stoped my birth control for about a week and then took a pill the night before i had unprotected sex.. i had sex 2 days after my period can i be pregnant?

I hate to break it to you......get an appointment for an abortion.

You took your first birth control pill at 9 pm and the same night at 11 did the pull out method could you be pregnant?

If this is your first ever pack you shouldn't be having unprotected sex until you finished a full pack. The birth control is only effective after a month ( a whole pack ) and you should never rely on "the pull out method".

My mouth hurts so badly and I am so tired but have insomnia at night can I be pregnant?

yes you are pregnant and your about to give birth to two babies you need some rest

ICould i be prego i stopped taking birth control on wednesday that night thursday and friday my bf came inside me friday night i started my period sunday i had sex and he came in me again?

If you have regular periods having sex just before them is unlikely to get you pregnant likewise having sex during your periods under normal circumstances also wont make you pregnant.