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No. Hairspray actually contains chemicals that reduce the likelihood of the infection. You may, however, end up with worse scars.

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Q: Will you get an infection if you spray hairspray on a fresh cut?
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How do you preserve cattails after they are cut?

Aerosal hairspray

What does parsley smell like?

No. Not unless you want it to smell like gas, or purposedly spray gas on parsley.

Can you cut open a spray can for contents?

Spray cans are highly condensed and if you cut one open, it will explode.

When was Fresh Cut Christmas created?

Fresh Cut Christmas was created in 2006-11.

What do your cut full with pus?

Wash the cut thoroughly with disinfecting soap and water. Then apply either a disinfecting lotion or spray such as Neosporin, and bind the cut, blocking out any germs or bacteria. If the condition worsens or does not get better within a day or two, see a doctor. A small cut with an infection can be very dangerous.

Can you catch HIV from a plaster on the floor?

It is highly unlikely .. but IF there is fresh blood on the plaster - AND you pick the plaster up, AND you have a cut on one of your fingers - then there is a remote theoretical risk of infection.

What micro organism can infect cuts?

your cuts will get infected when a `bad` germ gets inside your cut and it will make a pussy goo. you can usually tell, because either your cut will squirt out the pussy goo or your cut will be a sickly yellow colour so i would advise that if you get a big or deep cut that your firstly: wash of any dirt look closely to make sure there are no stones or any thing stuck in the cut if you have some spray on some anti-infection spray/cream put on a plaster regularly check the cut for the pussy goo if the cut does get infected and you cannot get rid of the infection then go and see your local doctor! i hope you will now no what to do when you get a big or deep cut!

How do you get ink out of cloth?

You need to spray some hairspray on the item of clothing. I know it sounds stupid but it dose work trust me! You may need to try one or two times. Once you have sprayed the hairspray on the stained part rub it in. Then get some kitchen roll or something like that and dab the stained part. When you wash the clothing, let it air dry so that you are certain that the stain is out.

Will your cut get infected if you put hair spray in it?

Probably not. The chemicals in spray cans are typically pretty sterile and relatively pure. It is not likely that they will carry bacteria. However, if the cut has not been cleaned and you spray it, you may be sealing the bacteria in an area that will allow it to multiply and infect the cut.

Why is lamina cut?

lamina is cut so it doesn't cause an infection

How does hair spray keep cut flowers alive?

Hairspray can be used for preserving flowers. It works best when sprayed on robust full blooms like roses, with heavy petals and a more open blooming style. It will also work with smaller blooms, which have a better shelf-life, like lavender.

Can in infection cause a lesion on the brain?

Well since a lesion is a cut or wound, no. Not unless it was an infection that has hard pieces that could cut the brain.