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You might not die, but i severely doubt "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" applies here.

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Q: Will you die if you drink glitter?
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Does glitter hurt goldfish in an inside aquarium?

Yes. The glitter can get into their gills and inhibit their breathing. If enough glitter gets in, the goldfish will eventually suffocate and die. The goldfish can also mistake the glitter for food. As it is not possible for goldfish to digest glitter, this too can cause the goldfish to die.

Can you die from eating glitter?

Yes, it's toxic

Is glitter the same as sparkles?

No glitter is glitter and sparkles is sparkles

How do you put glitter on flowers?

You sprinkle glitter on them and that's how you put glitter on flowers.

Did kesha choke on glitter and die?

That's just a rumor, Kesha's still alive. Besides, I don't think you can choke on glitter, it's too small. You would probably just swallow it.

What rhymes with glitter that is sparkly?


What is cuter silver glitter toms or purple glitter toms?

Purple glitter Toms

When was We Are Glitter created?

We Are Glitter was created in 2003.

Glitter Wallpaper?

form_title= Glitter Wallpaper form_header= Everyone needs a little glitter. Do you want glitter detail or all over glitter?*= {Detail, All Over, Not Sure} What color glitter would you like?*= _ [50] Do you want a matching border?*= () Yes () No

Can you use craft glitter as eyeshadow?

Craft glitter is completely different from the glitter used in approved "glitter makeup" and should never be used near the eyes.

What is a sentence for glitter?

Glitter is a nightmare to clean up.I used to love making pictures with glitter as a kid.

Who invented glitter?

Glitter was invented by Henry Ruschmann. After his accidental creation he started a glitter-production company.