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I have no way of knowing who you are, and I would not recognize you.

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Q: Will you be able to recognise me?
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What is the definition of empath?

Empathy is the quality of being able to recognise feelings of others

What is Authentec Fingerprint System Software?

Software which is able to recognise a persons fingerprint who has registered it into the database

What is the Gaelic for 'recognizes'?

cuir aithne ar - means to be able to recognise. recognising people etc.

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können means can or be able to, depends on the context.

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Goldfish and many other species of fish will learn to recognise their owner and also will learn to recognise a voice. They are specially atuned to the melodical tunes of the owner

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The IOC recognise winners of individual events. They do not recognise an overall winner of the games.

Why did my parakeet threaten to kill my family?

Someone has taught the bird to say that as a joke. Can you recognise the accent, if the parakeet is a good mimic you may be able to hear the voice of your prankster.

How can history show us the future?

History repeats itself and thus if we are able to recognise, whilst events are unfolding, where in history such circumstances have happened before, we should be able to tell what will happen next, as human nature rarely alters.

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You eat it

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