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first of all u better drank a gallon of water a day within 4 days if you are not a constent user it will be out within 2 to 4 days if you are than it will take up to a month if yr a user just everynow and than it should not take long try flush away pills from the drug store and drank an ass of water each day to try to help but if u have a drug test coming up i say don't do it within the first week but if u have and did drank an ass of water each day don't let the test show up that u are diluted thou

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Q: Will water clear xanx out of my system?
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Water does not clear cocaine from your system

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Need More to CleanseNo. You need lots of exercise, one gallon of water a day, and to eat cranberries. It will metabolize the drugs two times as fast, assuming it is a urine test.