Will this harm your eyesight

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Your eyesight may be harmed by a number of things including bright light, reading in dim lights, contact lenses, and sitting so close to your TV screen.

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Q: Will this harm your eyesight
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Can television with properties not to harm your eyesight be made?

TV doesnt harm your eyesight, only if you sit RIGHT in front of it. and they'd need to dim it down a bit for it not to hurt your eyes

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no, but it will stun and possibly harm its eyesight.

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Potentially it could harm your eyesight..So if you break one you have to be careful not to look into the tray.

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Pandas have poor eyesight.

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Vitamin A is essential for eyesight.

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no that's not possible

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Retinopathy from diabetes eyesight recoverd